About the Area

When you store your excess belongings at Storage Post, you will be amazed at how much bigger your apartment seems. You suddenly have all the room you need to stretch out and relax after a long day at work or school. Since we are located right in the 10115 ZIP code, you can stop by our Ozone self storage facility at any time to add or remove your belongings. No matter how much or how little storage space you need, Manhattan self storage is the ideal solution.

Affordable Manhattan Self Storage Options

Living in the city can be expensive, which is why you may be hesitant to rent storage space on top of having to pay for your apartment. Storage Post understands that everyone has a budget to maintain, so we provide storage options that anyone can afford. We never require you to take on more space than you really need, but you are always welcome to upgrade. Storage Post offers a wide range of size options, including a locker-sized unit, a 5 x 5 stall and a 10 x 30 unit. If you need to store an automobile or recreational vehicle, be sure to ask about our available parking stalls.

We Offer Many Security Features

When you store items in your apartment, you always run the risk of theft, fire, weather damage or losing the item yourself. Storage Post eliminates all of these problems for you. We have 24-hour video surveillance of the premises to ensure that we are alert to security risks at all times. Your valuables are further protected by reinforced steel storage stalls and an on-site staff member. When you become a customer of Storage Post, you receive an access code to enter the facility located near the 10115 ZIP code. You may enter the facility 24 hours a day with this code, while would-be intruders have no way to get into our facility.

The Weather Can't Ruin Your Valuables at Storage Post

If you've ever tried to store an old paper document, you know how quickly indoor humidity can ruin it. At Storage Post, all of our stalls are kept at a consistent temperature throughout the year. You could store paper documents for years and they would be fine. Our climate-controlled units are also ideal for storing clothing, furniture or jewelry. In addition to protecting against humidity, our storage stalls also protect your valuables from harsh weather conditions like winter storms, scorching heat and tornadoes.

We Don't Require a Long-Term Commitment

If you only need Ozone self storage for a few months, we offer flexible contract terms at Storage Post. You are free to choose the options that meet both your storage needs and your budget.

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