About the Area

When you first moved into your home or apartment, you probably thought it was large and spacious for your family and all of your things. As time passes and life changes, we adapt and acquire new things. Your once spacious home has now become cramped and cluttered with all that you have collected. Old children's toys and clothes, family heirlooms you can't bear to part with and important documents can fill up a home and make it seem like the walls are closing in around you. In the Bronx, self storage can be especially difficult to find. Storage Post proudly serves this area to help you easily reclaim your home.

Storage Post Will Make Your Home Spacious Again

Our Storage Post self storage facilities offer the solution to help you de-clutter your life and regain your living space. We can provide you with Fordham self storage units made from reinforced steel in a variety of sizes. A locker-sized unit for small treasures may be all you need. However, if you are looking for more space, we can provide you with units that can accommodate the contents of a large home. We also offer a wide array sizes in between. Parking spaces for cars and RVs are also available. Our large selection of unit sizes ensure you don't pay for extra space you don't need.

Secure and Reliable Storage

Convenience and reliability are important to Storage Post. If you have been searching for a solution to your storage problems, Storage Post is conveniently located nearby. We provide top security for our customers. Our facilities can only be entered by using a personal access code. This ensures that only our customers and personnel can get into our facility. Our on-site staff and 24-hour surveillance are there to provide additional security for your belongings. Not only are your belongings well-guarded, but they are also protected from the elements. We offer climate-controlled units to ensure your delicate possessions are shielded from extreme temperatures and high humidity.

Storage Post Can Accommodate Any Budget

We all wish we could upgrade into a larger home. Unfortunately, in today's economy, that is not always possible. Storage Post can make your 10471 area home feel more spacious at a price that you can afford. Both long-term contracts and flexible month-to-month contracts are available so that you can choose what suits your budget. With Storage Post, you can make your home feel larger without a large cost.

Reclaim Your Home with Storage Post

Our storage facilities will keep your treasured belongings safe until you need them again. Storage Post offers the flexibility you want with our selection of unit sizes and our convenient payment plans. Combined with the added knowledge that we take great measures to make sure your belongings are protected and our convenient location, Storage Post is the only solution to your storage problems in the 10471 ZIP code.

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