About the Area

Bronx apartments are often relatively small and cramped, especially if you are sharing the living space with roommates. If you recently moved to the Bronx, you may have discovered that you have too much furniture to fit comfortably into your small apartment. Sometimes, you find that your clothing simply takes up too much space. Many Bronx residents become creative with their furniture and use storage containers that double as usable surfaces. However, in many cases, these storage containers take up valuable space and lend to a cluttered feel to the apartment.

When you find that your Bronx apartment has become too crowded, Storage Post can help you clear out some of your clutter. At our Ozone self storage facility, we provide a wide variety of units that can meet all of your storage needs. Our units are secure, meaning you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings. We provide safe, affordable storage units to our customers. We also offer flexible rental contracts that can be customized to your unique situation. Our goal is to provide secure and affordable storage that you can count on. With month-to-month contracts, you do not have to worry about getting locked in to a plan that ends up not working for your situation.

Flexibility is Our Top Priority

Instead of struggling to fit your possessions into a small space, consider leasing a storage unit at Storage Post. We offer a wide variety of storage units that will meet any of your storage needs. Whether your goal is to store a few small items or to keep a large vehicle in a safe location, Storage Post can help. Our affordable prices and flexible rental contracts ensure that you will be able to find a storage unit that is a perfect fit for your extra belongings, which will remain both safe and accessible without taking up precious space in your apartment.

Secure and Affordable Self Storage

At Storage Post, we recognize the importance of keeping your belongings safe and secure. We have climate-controlled units available for customers who want to protect valuable documents and possessions from harsh weather conditions and humidity. We offer small units the size of lockers for customers who need compact storage for a few important belongings. We also have storage spaces available to accommodate cars and RVs for those who wish to get out of the city for weekend escapes.

Clutter drains your energy and creates needless stress. Rather than deal with clutter, rent a storage unit to clear up precious space in your Bronx apartment. We have Bronx self storage solutions in the 10472 zip code, making our storage units accessible for anyone living nearby. Storage Post's convenient locations make it easy for you to store or retrieve your belongings from your storage unit whenever you need them.

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