About the Area

Living in Baychester has many conveniences but in an area with a sizeable population of small homes, large storage space at home may not always be available. For residents of Baychester, self storage is available close to home at the nearby Pelham location of Storage Post. Recognizing the need to keep items in a location that is safe and close to home, Storage Post provides residents of Baychester self storage solutions at affordable rates with month-to-month contracts for added convenience.

About Self Storage Near Baychester

Self storage units provide a convenient way to keep items safe and secure when there is not enough room to keep them at home. Providing an affordable solution for residents of Baychester, self storage at Storage Post in Pelham is available in sizes that fit various needs. Units range from small closet spaces to large enough for an RV. Storage Post understands the importance of secure, affordable storage that is local and easy to access for residents of Baychester. Self storage units at Storage Post's Pelham location are available to meet your storage needs no matter how large or small.



Security: the Top Priority

Storage Post places a premium on the safety and security of its Pelham location. Security features include alarmed units, 24-hour video surveillance and roll-formed steel gates that prevent unauthorized to units. Parking within the facility is securely located behind the steel gates to provide added safety for our customers.

For those living in Baychester, self storage at the Storage Post in the Pelham can even provide a solution to keeping items that could be damaged by extreme heat, cold or humidity. Climate-controlled units protect delicate items including household furnishings and clothing from elements of the weather that could be damaging to fabrics and similar materials. When you choose to place your possessions at Storage Post, you can rest easy knowing that you have chosen one of the best storage facilities around Baychester. Self storage units at Storage Post's Bronx location are safe and secure from intruders and the weather.



Why Go With Storage Post?

The safety and security of our customers and their belongings is the top priority at Storage Post. We value your treasures and keep them safe like we would our own. The surveillance system and security features employed by Storage Post ensure the safety of your personal possessions. For residents of Baychester, self storage at Storage Post offers flexible payment options, month-to-month contracts and units to meet every storage need no matter how large or small.



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