About the Area

When the need for extra storage space arises, there are local options available to residents of Central Riverdale. ​Self storage at Storage Post's Bronx location is conveniently located near several residential areas, and with its affordable rates and flexible payment options, locals can't go wrong.

The Storage Post location in the Bronx has a friendly and helpful customer service team that can help you better understand the storage solutions they provide. They can help you determine what unit is most appropriate for your storage needs, as well as what contracts are a good choice. Regardless of where you reside in Central Riverdale, self storage at the nearby Storage Post is a great option.

About Self Storage Near Central Riverdale

Affordable rates, a convenient location that's close to home, and the ability of a storage unit that can accommodate multiple needs are all important to residents of Central Riverdale. Self storage at Storage Post in the Bronx aims to fulfill these requirements by offering storage units that range in size, and also offer various features such as climate-control. It is the goal of Storage Post to provide storage solutions that make sense for people who live in Central Riverdale. Self storage through Storage Post can accommodate nearly any storage need, whether you need to put things away for four weeks or four years!



Security: the Top Priority

It's important that items be kept safe from intruders, and for some items potential weather hazards are also cause for concern. For residents of Central Riverdale, self storage units at the Bronx location of Storage Post are kept safe via 24-hour video surveillance. Roll-formed steel gates and security walls also keep unwanted elements from entering the facility.



To protect against changing weather, climate-controlled units are also available for rent at Storage Post. These units are air conditioned to prevent humidity in the summer, and during the winter months units are heated to prevent extreme cold. While not all items require climate-control, certain treasures such as family photos, wine bottles, and art can benefit from the added protection of a climate-control unit.

Why Storage Post?

Flexible payment options, affordable rates, and friendly customer service are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy by working with your local Storage Post. For residents of Central Riverdale, self storage units at the nearby Bronx location are locally available and readily accessible at all times. Month-to-month contracts mean you can rest assured that you stuff will be safe for as long as you need.



No matter what's in your home in Central Riverdale, self storage with Storage Post can get it stored away safely!

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