About the Area

In City Island, ​self storage units at the Pelham location of Storage Post provides solutions to the troubles homeowners and business owners may face with a lack of storage space. By renting a storage unit, you now have a place for your excess belongings at a nearby location, all at affordable rates.

Located close to City Island, self storage at Storage Post in Pelham offer local residents the ability to store boxes of holiday decorations, closets full of winter coats, large sports equipment, and more at a nearby storage unit. With month-to-month contracts and several security systems in place, local residents can have the peace of mind that should come with storing personal possessions in an offsite facility.

About Self Storage in City Island

Renting a self storage unit is something most homeowners may consider at some point during their residency. With limited room in most homes for excess or occasionally-used belongings, many homeowners may need to expand into other spaces to keep their belongings safely stored.



Storage Post in Pelham offers City Island self storage that's spacious, convenient, affordable, and most of all, secure. By renting a storage unit at Storage Post, City Island residents can now have a safe place to keep their belongings close to home in Pelham.

Security at Storage Post

Keeping storage units secure is important at Storage Post. In the Pelham location, self storage units are guarded by security cameras, individual locks, and steel doors and walls to keep intruders out. Unauthorized access is limited through security measures that keep your storage unit accessible only to you.



Near City Island, self storage and the contents of each unit are highly protected and secure. In addition, climate controlled features keep items protected from the inside to ensure their condition remains intact. Storage Post's location in Pelham offers these amenities and more for your storage belongings.

About Storage Post

Storage Post provides customers with safe storage units in a variety of sizes that accommodate their needs. Self storage units can be rented for a variety of purposes, including excess holiday decorations and recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and even boats. All storage units at Storage Post facilities are monitored around the clock, so that access to the units is made available only to the tenants.



If you live in or near City Island, self storage at the Storage Post location in Pelham provides an ideal solution to the problems you may face with not having enough storage space in your home. No matter where you live in City Island, self storage at Storage Post can meet your needs.

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