About the Area

For those living in New York, finding enough storage space in the home is a major concern. For residents of Edgewater Park, self storage is locally available at Storage Post's Pelham location. Offering a storage facility that's affordable, flexible, and close to Edgewater Park, self storage through Storage Post in Pelham is a convenient solution to the space concerns residents may have.

Helpful staff members can assist you in evaluating your precise storage needs and how Pelham facility can accommodate them. If you're looking for a local and affordable option to keep personal possessions safe and protected, Storage Post has a solution for you.

About Self Storage Near Edgewater Park

Self storage units at Storage Post in Pelham featuresÿ a wide range of storage services that meet the needs of just about anyone. Whether you require a long term storage unit for your recreational vehicle or a short term lease as you move between homes, Storage Post can meet your storage demands. Units are available for as long as you need, with a month-to-month contract that allows you to decide as you go. For those living in or near Edgewater Park, self storage options at Storage Post in Pelham are flexible and ready for your belongings.



Security at Storage Post in Pelham

Safety and security are major concerns to both customers and Storage Post staff members. In Edgewater Park, self storage units at the Pelham location are secured behind steel roll-formed gates that are precision aligned to restrict access. For added protection, the premises are placed under 24-hour surveillance. Alarmed units are also available by request for additional security.

To keep items safe from dampness or humidity, climate-controlled units are offered in many sizes at Storage Post. Some of the items you may wish to keep safe in a climate-controlled unit include wooden furniture, clothing and fabrics, such as leather. When you store items at Storage Post, you can rest assured knowing that you've chosen a safe storage unit close to your home in Edgewater Park. Self storage units at Storage Post in Pelham keep your belongings guarded and secure at all times.



Why Storage Post?

If you're looking for an affordable storage solution that's close to Edgewater Park, self storage at Storage Post in Pelham is the best choice. Flexible payment options and affordable rates allow you to store as much as you need, for as long as you need. Featuring units of various sizes, security features, and climate control abilities, residents based in the area can easily find a suitable unit for a variety of needs.



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