About the Area

As one of the world's most populated areas, New York City is known for crowded living spaces. Whether you live within a 500-square foot space or 5,000, there is always a need for extra storage. If you live or work in Hart Island, self storage at our Pelham location can provide the extra space you're looking for.

Convenient access and affordable rates offer local residents a great storage option right in their neighborhood. With the ability to store anything from clothes, home wares, holiday decorations, and sports equipment, Storage Post in Pelham provides storage units suitable for the storage needs of residents in Hart Island. Self storage units can be rented for as long or as short as needed, due to flexible month-to-month contracts, so that you can only what you need, when you need.

About Self Storage Near Hart Island

Whether you're a local resident or planning to relocate to Hart Island, self storage may help you reclaim closet and storage space in your home. The Pelham location of Storage Post offers a variety of storage unit sizes, including a locker size and a 10'x30' unit, with many selections in between. These options ensure a perfect fit for each customer. If you need to store your car, boat, or RV, Storage Post offers secure parking spaces protected by security cameras around the clock.



Security: The Top Priority

Located close to Hart Island, self storage at the Pelham location of Storage Post offers customers the assurance that valuables are protected at all times. With 24-hour surveillance, individual locks, and roll-formed steel doors and walls, items kept inside Storage Post storage units are safe from intruders and theft.



The climate and weather effects on certain belongings may concern tenants based in Hart Island. Self storage units at the Pelham location of Storage Post come equipped with climate control features that preserve the quality of your belongings year-round. Extreme temperatures and humidity are kept at bay, so that delicate materials like leather and suede remain unaffected. Storage Post affords you the peace of mind that comes with keeping your items safe from the inside out.

Why Go With Storage Post?

In Hart Island, self storage provides a convenient service in de-cluttering the home of excess belongings. By choosing the local branch of Storage Post in Pelham, accessibility and quality in self storage are readily available. Affordable and flexible contracts also make it easier to store your possessions. No matter where you are based in Hart Island, self storage at Storage Post's Pelham facility can allow you self storage that is convenient and nearby to your home.



Storage Post Self Storage in the Bronx area serve the following zip codes:

Self-Storage in Bronx, NY 10451

Self-Storage in Bronx, NY 10454

Self-Storage in New York, NY 10037

Self-Storage in Bronx, NY 10468

Self-Storage in NY, NY 10463

Self-Storage in Bronx, NY 10460

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