About the Area

Storage units are an ideal solution to the problems that many New York residents face when it comes to living in small homes and apartments. For those living in Morris Heights, self storage at the nearby Bronx location of Storage Post is a convenient solution to keeping items safe, secure, and close to home.

Units are available in many different sizes to meet various storage needs. Whether you're moving in with a friend and can't take all your stuff or you have an excess supply of sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and seasonal clothing, a storage unit can help.

About Self Storage Near the Bronx

For residents of Morris Heights, self storage units can provide the flexibility to live in a relatively small home or apartment while still keeping all of your personal possessions nearby. Storage units come in many sizes and prices that can accommodate a diverse range of needs. As one solution to a lack of storage space in Morris Heights, self storage units are convenient and affordable at Storage Post in the Bronx.

The Bronx location allows you to rent units based on capacity so if you only need a little bit of room, you'll have a very small fee. Fees for units range and flexible payment options allow you to choose the payment plan that fits your lifestyle.



Security at Storage Post in the Bronx

Security in renting a storage unit is an important factor for those living in Morris Heights. Self storage at Storage Post in the Bronx is equipped with numerous security measures that keep all units under the watchful eye over all units with alarms systems, video surveillance, and steel gates and doors.

Climate-controlled units keep items under set temperature settings so that delicate items can stay intact from the heat, cold, and moisture. This offers added protection for most items, and is exactly what customers look for, and not just in Morris Heights. Self storage at Storage Post in the Bronx offers all residents in the area with secure self storage from the inside out.



Why Storage Post?

Renting a self storage unit offers the ideal protection from climate changes, weather, and intruders. For those living in and around Morris Heights, self storage at Storage Post is affordable, flexible, and readily accessible. The Bronx facility has a friendly customer service team that is ready to help you make the most out of the storage solutions that Storage Post has to offer.



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