About the Area

For many residents of Mount Hope, self storage that's close to home, flexibleÿ in payment, and secure is a necessity. Small living spaces and a lack of home storage space create a need for safe and secure storage. When there's not enough room in the home in Mount Hope, self storage units at Storage Post's Bronx location provide the optimal solution.

For residents of Mount Hope, self storage units at Storage Post range in various sizes and can accommodate items such as motorcycles, antiques, seasonal items, collections, unused furniture and more. Regardless of what you need to store or how long you will need to store it, Storage Post's Bronx location has a solution that will meet your needs.

About Self Storage Near Mount Hope

Self storage units provide temporary space for people to keep their items safe when not in use. They also eliminate clutter in the home, free up space in rooms, and keep high-value items protected. Offering flexible month-to-month payment plans, Storage Post's Bronx location is a convenient and affordable option in self storage.

For those living in Mount Hope, self storage units at Storage Post can accommodate diverse storage needs. Because units are rented based on capacity, you can rest assured knowing you are only paying for the amount of additional storage space you need. Friendly staff members at the Bronx location are ready to help decide which size unit based on your unique needs.



Security at Storage Post in the Bronx

Electronic gate access and 24-hour video surveillance are just a few ways that Storage Post protects items in storage units. For those living in Mount Hope, self storage units are often a safer and more secure so than keeping items at home in a garage or storage shed outside. Break-ins and intruders are further deterred by security walls and alarms.

To protect items from climate-related damages, Storage Post offers climate-controlled units. These units maintain a constant temperature for an extended period of time to reduce humidity and prevent extreme temperatures from damaging items. Some of the items you may want to keep in a climate-controlled unit include fur coats, leather jackets, electronics, computer equipment, and bedding.



Why Go With Storage Post?

Storage Post knows it's important to keep items safe, secure, and close to your home in Mount Hope. Self storage units are monitored around the clock to ensure the safe keeping of the items inside. Flexible payment options, month-to-month contracts, and the ability to terminate your contract as soon as your storage needs change are just a few of the added benefits that tenants enjoy at Storage Post in the Bronx.



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