About the Area

Residents of New York have long struggled with a lack of space in the home. For those living in North New York, self storage at the nearby Bronx location of Storage Post is an effective and affordable solution to a lack of storage space in the apartment or home. At Storage Post, many different unit sizes are available for rent based on your needs, and flexible contracts allow you to choose how long you store items.

Homeowners benefit from self storage units because these facilities provide a safe place to keep treasures, trinkets, and personal possessions when not in use. When lifestyle changes result in the need for additional storage space in North New York, self storage units are often the best solution. Storage Post units can be used to store items such as home furnishings, business or office supplies, winter clothing, sporting equipment, and even cars.

About Self Storage Near North New York

When space constraints become a problem for residents of North New York, self storage units provide the best way to keep items safe and secure. Storage Post's Bronx facility is close enough to the home that residents of North New York can still easily access their stuff whenever they want.



Renting a storage space allows homeowners to keep collections, holiday decorations, and other valuable items that are rarely used safe in an environment that is fully protected by video surveillance. Since units are rented based on the capacity that is needed and the contract term that you choose, you can rest assured that you get exactly the amount of storage space you need at a price you can afford.

Security at Storage Post in the Bronx

At Storage Post, security is taken very seriously. Alarms monitor the units at all times and a 24-hour surveillance system guards the entire facility. Steel gates and security walls prevent unauthorized access to the facility and ensure the safety of items stored here by residents of North New York. Self storage units at Storage Post's Bronx location are the safest around and something we take pride in.




To keep quality possessions safe from the damage that can be caused by climate changes, such as extreme heat or humidity, climate-controlled units are also provided at Storage Post. If you will be storing items for a prolonged period of time, or are keeping things like electronics or musical instruments in storage, a climate-controlled unit is the most suitable option. For those living in North New York, self storage units with climate control at Storage Post are a practical and affordable way to keep items safe.

Why Go With Storage Post?

When space constraints prevent you from keeping possessions in your home in North New York, self storage at Storage Post is an effective solution. Offering the convenience of keeping items close to home, and the flexibility of choosing a payday option that best suits your needs, Storage Post's Bronx location is an excellent choice. If you live in or near North New York, self storage at the Storage Post in the Bronx is an affordable solution to your storage problems.



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