About the Area

Space constraints are a common concern for residents of Pelham Bay. Self storage units at the nearby Pelham location of Storage Post provide an affordable and flexible solution to keeping items safe and out of the way.

There are many reasons you may need to store items. Whether you need to baby-proof the home for a while or you need to clean out the garage to fit a new car in, for residents of Pelham Bay, self storage serves many diverse needs.

Storage Post's units are available in many sizes, from about the size of a locker to the size of a large garage. No matter how much stuff you need to get out of your house in Pelham Bay, self storage units at Storage Post are a great solution.

About Self Storage Near Pelham Bay

A self storage unit can do wonders when it comes to eliminating clutter, organizing, and keeping homes spik and span. Offering the ability to keep items close to home while resolving the need for additional space, self storage units can be very beneficial to homeowners in Pelham Bay. Self storage is the key to keeping homes tidy for more local residents than you probably ever suspected!



Storage Post's Pelham location has units large enough for an entire household of assets, and even provides secure parking spaces for recreational vehicles, boats, or vintage cars. Units are rented on a month-to-month basis and contracts feature flexible payment options for added convenience.

Security at Storage Post in Pelham

Many different security features are in place to protect the items stored by residents of Pelham Bay. Self storage units are monitored by 24-hour video surveillance and a security alarm system to prevent theft, vandalism, or break-ins. The entire Pelham facility is further protected via a security wall that surrounds the facility and steel roll-formed gates that prevent unauthorized access.



When items will be stored for a prolonged period of time or delicate items are to be kept in storage, climate-controlled units offer added protection. These carefully controlled units are almost entirely protected from dampness, extreme temperatures, and more. For residents of Pelham Bay, self storage units that are climate-controlled provide the optimal space to keep leather furniture, wine collections, and bedding.

Why Go With Storage Post?

Whether you need a place to keep items for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years, Storage Post is the key to keeping your possessions safe and secure. For residents of Pelham Bay, self storage units at Storage Post provide an optimal solution to freeing up space at home. Month-to-month contracts, flexible payment options, and units that can accommodate many storage needs add to the convenience of storing items at the Storage Post in Pelham.



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