About the Area

The need for additional space to hold items that won't fit at home is not a new concept for residents of Pelham Islands. Self storage units at Storage Post's New Rochelle location provide a solution when a lack of space results in homes feeling cluttered and chaotic. Flexible payment options, affordable rates, and unit sizes that accommodate various needs make self storage at Storage Post a practical solution for many residents.

For mom's-to-be in Pelham Islands, self storage provides a place to keep breakables and other items which may pose a risk to children. Retirees, people merging households, college kids, and many others can also benefit just as much from self storage.

About Self Storage Near Pelham Islands

Self storage units at the Storage Post in New Rochelle are available in a wide variety of sizes. If you need to store an entire household of stuff or just a few small things, Storage Post can help. Keeping possessions and personal belongings at Storage Post is the solution to the diverse storage needs of those living in Pelham Islands.



For residents of Pelham Islands, self storage at Storage Post is an affordable and flexible alternative to keeping personal possessions in their homes. Month-to-month contracts allow tenants the flexibility to choose a contract length that best suits their needs. Competitive rates mean that Storage Post customers won't overpay for storage space near their homes in Pelham Islands.

Security at the Storage Post in New Rochelle

If you're going to store items away from home in Pelham Islands, self storage security features are definitely a concern. Luckily, Storage Post in New Rochelle features some of the best security there is for storage units. Guarded by 24-hour video surveillance and alarms, Storage Post keeps personal possessions safe and secure. Interior walls made of concrete and steel provide further protection from vandalism, theft or damage.



Climate-controlled units keep family photos, art, and other collectible belongings safe from wind, heat, and humidity. If you plan on storing any type of delicate, cloth, or electronic type items, a climate-controlled unit is the safest option to protect from the weather.

Why Go With Storage Post?

For those living in Pelham Islands, self storage with Storage Post has many benefits to offer. You'll have the luxury of keeping items close to home and safe, at a price that is budget friendly. Multiple unit options and rental agreements that can accommodate diverse needs provide you with the flexibility and convenience you need.



If you're a resident of Pelham Islands, self storage is the answer to your space constraint nightmares. Whether you home has become over-stuffed with miscellaneous household items, knick knacks, or holiday decorations, or you're in the process of trying to sell and need a place for the safe keeping of some personal items, Storage Post in New Rochelle can help.

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