About the Area

It's not an unusual circumstance for residents of West Farms to complain of lack of storage space at home. Fortunately for those living in West Farms, self storage is readily available at the nearby Storage Post location in the Bronx. Storage Post's Bronx facility is flexible, affordable, and conveniently located just a short drive away for those living in West Farms. Self storage is hassle free at Storage Post!

About Self Storage Near West Farms

For those living near West Farms, self storage units at Storage Post are the ideal solution for many storage needs. Secure parking spaces provide the perfect place to keep boats or other recreational vehicles safe. For large or awkward items that cannot easily fit in home storage areas, garage size storage units that measure 10'x30' are available. And if you only need to store a couple of small belongings, locker size units are also for rent.



If you plan on storing sensitive belongings away from home in West Farms, self storage units that are climate-controlled provide a place for safe keeping away from foul weather. Climate-controlled units are set to maintain optimal temperatures that prevent humidity or frost from building and causing damage.

Security at the Storage Post in the Bronx

If your storing items away from home in West Farms, self storage that's secure is an absolute priority. Of course you want to know that your personal possessions are being kept safe, and that's why Storage Post employs a number of different security features to protect the Bronx facility from thieves and vandals.



A 24-hour surveillance system and alarm system deters unwanted visitors, while steel walls and gates prevent unauthorized access to the facility. You can rest assured that when you keep valuables and treasured items at Storage Post they are 100% safe and secure.

Why Go With Storage Post?

Storage Post is a beneficial storage option for homeowners, renters, students, and retirees alike. Storage Post can accommodate nearly any storage need no matter how large or small it is, and month-to-month contracts mean that tenants are not stuck in long-term commitments. When you no longer need the storage, you can easily terminate and move your personal possession back home.



For residents of West Farms, self storage at Storage Post offers the convenience of keeping possessions close to home, without the frustration of stuffing belongings into limited spaces. Storage Post allows residents of West Farms to keep as many items as they need in safe and secure storage at all times.

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