About the Area

For those that live in Westchester Heights, self storage in the Bronx location of Storage Post is the perfect solution to storage needs. During a move, many find storage units to be a necessity, while others seek self storage space because they want to have more room around the home. As Storage Post is located just minutes from Westchester Heights, self storage units are easily accessible at any time of the day-no matter why you need it.

About Self Storage Near Westchester Heights

Located just outside of Westchester Heights, Storage Post takes pride in accommodating our tenants according to their particular storage needs. Self storage in small, locker sized self storage units are ideal for storing documents and other small items. For customers who need storage for larger items like furniture or a vehicle, spacious garage-style units are conveniently offered. Your personal items can be safely stored for as long as you may need.



Security: the Top Priority

Storage Post meticulously monitors our Bronx location around the clock. Because the security of your belongings is very important to us, our units are made of massive steel doors and walls also protect your items from theft or vandalism. Be assured that our conscientious staff is constantly viewing the facility through our extensive video surveillance system.



Because the climate is so unpredictable in Westchester Heights, many tenants are concerned about the effects that the weather could have on their stored items. For this reason, Storage Post has introduced climate controlled units which protect stored possessions against the harsh effects of intense heat, bitter cold, and humidity. This is especially important when storing important documents and electronic equipment. Because climate controlled storage is offered near Westchester Heights, self storage has become an even more reliable way of storing your valuables all year long.

Why Storage Post?

For residents of Westchester Heights, self storage is the perfect opportunity to clear out unneeded items and make more space in your home. Storage Post is happy to provide our customers with secure self storage options throughout the year. Our varied contract plans and flexible payment options make self storage easy for all Westchester Heights residents.



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