About the Area

Located near Woodlawn, self storage services from Storage Post can accommodate just about any of your storage needs. Whether you have large furniture to store or just a few small items, the Pelham location of Storage Post provides reasonably priced storage all year round. Additionally, their convenient month-to-month contracts enable you to rent for only as long as desired, so you won't end up paying storage you don't want.

About Self Storage Near Woodlawn

Storage Post strives to provide their customers with superior service at competitive prices. They also recognize that all of their clients have different storage needs. For residents of Woodlawn, self storage services are available that range from the size of a locker to large garage-style units. Secure, long-term vehicle parking is also available.



Located just a short drive from Woodlawn, self storage units in the Pelham location of Storage Post are easily accessible at any hour of the day. Storage services are available for as little as a month, and can be rented for as long as may be needed.

Security: Storage Post's Top Priority

Because Storage Post understands the importance of keeping your items safe, they have installed a 24-hour camera surveillance system. This careful monitoring of the storage units ensures that your possessions cannot be easily stolen or vandalized. The storage units consist of heavy steel doors and walls, making entry nearly impossible for outsiders.



Storage Post realizes the effect heat, cold and humidity can have on their customers valued possessions. Because of this, they offer climate controlled storage areas. These specialized units provide protection against the elements throughout the year. For those living in Woodlawn, self storage through Storage Post provides reliable, secure and convenient service they can count on.

Why Storage Post?

Regardless of what your storage needs may be in Woodlawn, self storage through Storage Post has the solution. Our mission is to keep your precious items properly guarded and secure at all times of the day and night. Our flexible payment options also make storing your items simple and stress free. Whenever you need to store items away from Woodlawn, self storage at Storage Post can accommodate you.



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