About the Area

In the 11426 ZIP code, 27 percent of the population rents rather than owns a place to live. This can make competition for affordable rental units quite steep. Most renters are willing to forgo storage space for the chance to occupy a desirable apartment. Unfortunately, that doesn't make the need for space go away. If you feel like the walls of your apartment are closing in on you, Storage Post can help. Our Bellerose self storage units are affordable and convenient. You will be amazed at how much more relaxed you feel once you have freed up some space. Your apartment is your home and you deserve to relax.

Storage Post Understands Your Budget Concerns

If you have put off renting New Hyde Park self storage due to cost concerns, you don't have to worry anymore. At Storage Post, we offer multiple options at prices you can afford. Some people only need a storage locker, while others need something as big as an extra bedroom. Our stalls range in size from 5' x 5' to 10' x 30'. You can even store a vehicle with Storage Post. Business professionals will appreciate having a place to store sensitive documents where they will be safe. We are also available to safely destroy documents that are no longer needed.

Security is Our Most Important Function at Storage Post

It can be challenging to keep your valuables protected at your apartment in the 11426 ZIP code. While most apartment managers try to keep their buildings secure, they don't have the same resources that we have. Storage Post uses several advanced security measures to make theft or vandalism impossible. Anyone who tries to access your storage unit will trip the door alarm and alert security. We require a personal access code to get into our facility and your individual unit. Our cameras never stop recording activity, and our security guards follow up on anything suspicious immediately. The parking lots at Storage Post are also continuously monitored.

Avoid Losing Valuable Possessions with Climate-Controlled Storage

Many people underestimate the importance of climate control. It's hard to imagine that your precious family heirlooms could be destroyed just by sitting in storage, but it's true. Without humidity and temperature control, your belongings could sustain significant damage. Climate-controlled storage is especially important for books, instruments, furniture and electronics. However, we recommend climate control for anything that has special meaning to you. It will remain safe from the elements until you are ready to reclaim it.

Storage Post Respects Your Need for Flexibility

You shouldn't have to make a commitment you're not comfortable with in order to secure self storage. Storage Post understands that long contracts don't suit all of our customers_ needs. Perhaps you are waiting for your house to sell or are in the midst of another type of transition. In this type of situation, it is impossible to predict how long you will need storage. At Storage Post, you can get the storage space you need without the long-term commitment. Our month-to-month option is a sensible choice for people who must remain flexible.

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