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Sending the last child off to college is a bittersweet moment in the life of any parent. As strange as it can be to get used to having fewer people in the house, there are some upsides too. By putting your child's bedroom furniture and other belongings in storage, you'll free up space that can be used for all kinds of different things. For superior Williston Park self storage, you can't go wrong with Storage Post. Our New Hyde Park facility is conveniently located for residents of the 11596 ZIP code, so you can quickly and easily store your child's things to take advantage of your newfound space.

Flexible Storage Options

If you've shopped around for self storage before, you already know that many self storage facilities require you to sign inflexible, long-term contracts. What if you only need storage for a short while or aren't sure how long you'll need it? It hardly seems fair to have to pay for a specific length of storage if you're not going to use it. At Storage Post, we won't inflict these types of contracts on you. We offer month-to-month contracts, which means you can keep your stuff with us for precisely as long as necessary.

Climate-Controlled Units

There's a good chance that you'll run across at least a few fragile items that really shouldn't be exposed to cold or hot temperatures or extreme humidity. Important clothes like graduation gowns and varsity jackets, for instance, should be shielded from such conditions. Storage Post offers a variety of climate-controlled units that are perfect for items like these. You'll breathe a lot easier knowing that your most delicate items are receiving the best protection possible, and you'll be even happier to know that this level of storage is available for a very reasonable price.

We'll Keep Your Stuff Safe

It's perfectly reasonable to expect a high level of security when storing things at a self storage facility. Our New Hyde Park self storage facility offers some of the best security features in the 11596 ZIP code. For one thing, employees actually work at the site, and their presence is a strong deterrent to those who might target such a location. Our facility also offers 24-hour video surveillance, units made out of ultra-strong reinforced steel and personal access codes. It's reassuring to know that unauthorized people can't get anywhere near your unit or locker.

You have Options at Storage Post

How much stuff do you need to store? Your son or daughter probably accumulated many things through the years, so you might need a pretty large unit. On the other hand, it could be that your child just left behind a few small items. In that case, a small locker should work well. We offer many options that fall in between too, so it's a snap to get the perfect amount of storage space. Our customers appreciate the fact that they get as much space as they need, and you should be able to find the perfect solution too.

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