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If the time has come to leave New York City, you're probably experiencing mixed emotions. Depending on where you're going and how long you'll be there, you may not want to bring every last thing along for the ride. In that case, keeping extra belongings at a self storage facility is a great option to consider. When it comes to affordable, convenient and secure storage in the 11375 ZIP code, Storage Post's Ozone self storage facility is second to none. Before moving day, bring your extra stuff to our facility and keep it in a locker or unit. Whether you retrieve it in a few weeks or a few years, it will be safe and sound in the meantime.

Protect Valuable Items with Climate-Controlled Self Storage

Fragile items may not survive a long-distance move, but you don't want to keep them in a storage unit that will expose them to the elements either. Why not try a climate-controlled unit at Storage Post? Your things will be shielded from excessive humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations. You can safely store things like important paperwork, treasured antiques, fine jewelry and vintage clothes in a climate-controlled unit. You can rest assured that they will remain in excellent shape over the long haul.

Store Items Temporarily or for a Long Time

When moving across the country, people often make an initial trip by plane to scope out their new homes and return for the rest of their stuff later. If you choose to do that, you're not going to want to sign a long-term self storage contract. You don't have to with Storage Post. We offer flexible Queens self storage with month-to-month contracts. Whether you decide to keep your things with us for a long period of time or if you come back to get them shortly thereafter, you don't have to worry about early termination fees or other hassles.

A Secure Ozone Facility

You should feel absolutely confident about the safety and security of your things when you entrust them to a self storage facility. At Storage Post, we rely on many different things to ensure the security of your belongings. On-site personnel make our facility a lot less attractive to thieves, and 24-hour video surveillance acts as a powerful deterrent as well. Our units are made out of ultra-strong reinforced steel, and you can only gain entry to the premises by entering a personal access code.

A Huge Assortment of Lockers and Units

If you need self storage in the 11375 ZIP code, you can't do better than Storage Post. At our facility, you will find lockers and units in a variety of sizes. Why pay for space that you're never going to use or put up with a unit that's just not big enough? You'll never feel like you're backed into a corner with us. Our employees are happy to help you determine the locker or unit that's right for you. If your storage needs change, you can switch to a larger or smaller unit as needed too.

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