About the Area

Living alone has its perks, but there are plenty of benefits to sharing an apartment with someone too. Space isn't one of them, however. Whether you've made the switch for financial reasons or to be closer with a friend or family member, fitting both of your belongings into a single apartment isn't going to work. There are things that can be sold or donated, but what about the other stuff? A Queens self storage unit may be the answer, and Storage Post is a great choice. Because it is located close to residents in the 11413 ZIP code, it couldn't be more convenient. Additional perks of our first-class storage solutions include top-notch security, flexible contracts and a wide variety of storage solutions.

Keep Extra Things in Storage

Chances are that both of you will need to store a few things, so a large unit may be in order. On the other hand, there may only be a few things that need to be kept at our facility. In either case, we have plenty of options in terms of size. Some people just need small storage lockers. Others, however, use spacious storage units to store vehicles and large amounts of stuff. Wherever your needs fall on the spectrum, Storage Post can accommodate them. You'll find a variety of sizes at our Lawrence self storage facility.

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

You don't necessarily have to keep fragile items in the home to keep them safe. You don't want to expose them to excessive humidity or extreme temperatures, but that doesn't mean self storage is out of the question. We offer self storage with climate-controlled units that are perfect for everything from vintage clothes to precious antiques. You and your roommate could store these and other items in a single climate-controlled storage unit, or you could get a few different units and handle it that way. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible.

Kick Your Worries to the Curb with Secure Self Storage

There's no reason to ever leave your things in an environment that doesn't seem completely safe and secure. At Storage Post, we know that our customers rely on us for exceptional security, and we come in through in a variety of ways. On-site employees and personal access codes go a long way toward preventing unwanted people from accessing customers' items. That's not all we do, though. Our units are constructed out of reinforced steel, and we use 24-hour video surveillance to keep continual watch over the premises.

Self Storage with Superior Flexibility

If you are located in or around the 11413 area and combining households, it's nice to choose a self storage facility that offers flexible contracts. At Storage Post, our contracts are issued on a month-to-month basis, so you never have to commit to long-term storage. Of course, you can choose keep your belongings with us for as long as necessary. With our low rates and helpful employees, you'll feel more than comfortable doing so. With a storage unit from Storage Post, you and your new roommate will have plenty of extra space at home.

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