About the Area

For most, space is at a premium in their New York apartments and homes. If you're looking to raise a family near the city, you may need to find a good Queens self storage location to hold all your things. Those living in the 11420 ZIP code need look no further than Storage Post. We will meet your every need.

A Wide Range of Storage Solutions

Everyone has unique needs for storage. While you may be satisfied with a small locker for your valuables, your neighbor may need a significantly larger area to store furniture, vehicles and artwork. Whether you need a big space or a small space, Storage Post offers the perfect solution for you at our state-of-the-art Ozone self storage facility. You don't need to pay for storage space that you don't need.

Furthermore, we offer month-to-month rental options, so you don't have to feel tied down to a contract if you want to unload your storage unit. Finally, we're located right in your neighborhood. You can remove your possessions or add new items whenever you need to. With our convenient pricing, sizing and location, you'll find it easy to work with us.

Climate-Controlled Self Storage

Climate control is essential for storing delicate items like clothes, jewelry, art and documents. At Storage Post, we offer a wide range of climate-controlled self storage options to help you keep your possessions looking and feeling as new as the day you put them into storage. This is important when you have to store your items for long periods of time. Fragile clothing may be damaged by excessive humidity, while documents or priceless pieces of art can deteriorate in excessive periods of heat or cold. In our climate-controlled units, we keep your items shielded from the elements at a constant temperature and humidity so you can keep your peace of mind. No matter what types of valuables you're looking to store, we have solutions for you.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

At Storage Post, we pride ourselves on our security. Nothing is worse than paying to keep your belongings safe and having to worry that something might happen. We take your valuables' security very seriously. Whether you're concerned about harsh weather or intruders, we've got it covered. All of our units feature reinforced steel. You can even place high-quality locks on our doors to prevent anyone from getting in. We require everyone entering the facilities to use a personal access code available only to our clients, and our facility is protected by on-site staff as well as 24-hour video surveillance. When you store your belongings at our Ozone self storage facility here in Queens, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Try Storage Post Today

If you need to de-clutter your Queens apartment, grow your family or make room to move into a smaller space, our affordable storage options are for you. From a price point perspective, Storage Post has everything you need. From a convenience standpoint, we've got it covered. For all your safety concerns, we take care of it. You don't have to sign any long-term contracts just to keep your belongings safe and in your neighborhood. For a storage solution that fits your budget in the 11420 ZIP code, Storage Post is the ideal choice.

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