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Your apartment in the 11499 ZIP code can become cluttered for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you just had a baby, an adult child moved home or you set up a home office. These circumstances don't mean that you are a bad housekeeper. It just means that you probably don't have enough room to store all of your belongings. That's where Storage Post comes into the picture. We offer convenient off-site storage at affordable prices. Stop by today to learn about how we can help you stay organized at home.

Affordable Storage to Help You Reclaim Your Living Space

Some people think they either have to live with clutter or pay for expensive Queens self storage. Neither is the case when you keep your valuables at Storage Post. Our units are priced for people on a budget, and we offer coupon specials on a regular basis. Our six storage stalls range from 5' x 5' to 10' x 30'. We also provide parking stalls and storage lockers.

We Outsmart Even the Most Determined Criminal

Some people have the mistaken impression that self storage units are an easy target for thieves. At Storage Post, security is always our top priority. Anyone who attempts unauthorized access is met with one security measure after another. You can't even get past the front gate without the proper credentials. We require all customers to enter a personal access code to enter Storage Post. Each storage unit is equipped with an individual door alarm and made from reinforced steel. Our surveillance camera is always rolling and records every action. The motion-detection lights make you feel safe no matter what time you access your storage unit.

We Pamper Your Valuables with Climate-Controlled Technology

Apartments in the 11499 ZIP code are not equipped with the necessary technology to guard against humidity damage. Your personal possessions are also vulnerable to damage caused by extremely hot or cold temperatures. That is why you need Ozone self storage with climate-controlled technology. At Storage Post, we maintain an ideal balance of humidity and temperature control. This ensures that your valuables stay safe regardless of how long you leave them in storage. We especially recommend climate-controlled storage for books, electronics, furniture and musical instruments.

Contract Flexibility When You Need it the Most

Some people avoid Ozone self storage because they don't want to commit to a long-term contract. Storage Post has responded to this concern by offering month-to-month storage contracts. We know that not everyone rents a storage unit due to living in a small apartment. Many customers are going through a big life transition, like going to college, retiring or blending two families together. These situations can make it difficult to predict how long you will need storage space. Having the option to renew your storage contract every 30 days gives you the flexibility you need. You are always welcome to sign a longer contract if you are in a settled stage of life.

Storage Post Self Storage in the Queens NY area serve the following zip codes:

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Self Storage Units in Floral Park, NY 11001
Self Storage Units in Ridgewood, NY 11385
Self Storage Units in Long Island City, NY 11101
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Self Storage Units in Bronx, NY 10454

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