Top 5 Reasons We Love Queens

The beach in Queens

Queens’ diversity, views, attractions and cultural life make it a unique place that’s fascinating to visit and endlessly entertaining to live in.

We love New York City; it’s like no place in the world, with its diversity, culture, food and unique neighborhoods. Specifically, Queens has a ton of distinctive communities, each with its own appeal – from artistic and bustling industrial areas to quiet brownstone-lined streets. While we can’t capture everything awesome about Queens in one article, we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favorite things about the borough. 

#5 - Museums and art galleries

Queens is chock-full of things to see, like the Museum of Moving Images, the SculptureCenter, P.S.1, 5 Pointz, the Queens Museum of Art and the NY Hall of Science (which every Queens kid takes a field trip to at least once). Not to mention how the streets themselves are works of art with murals and paintings stretching across the area.

#4 - Mom-and-pop grocers and delis

It seems like almost every corner has a family-owned deli or grocery store offering anything you could think of, from authentic Italian ingredients to a copy of the New York Post, any time of day.

#3 - Music legacies

Strolling through the city, it’s overwhelming to know that music legends like The Ramones, Run DMC and Simon & Garfunkel all started out in Queens.

#2 - The view

The iconic skyline is best viewed from the Gantry Plaza State Park, which is situated right on the East River facing Manhattan and provides unobstructed views of the city. Our Storage Specialists say that every time they visit the park, the skyline and lighting always look fantastic.

#1 - The food!

You can find such a wide array of authentic ethnic food in Queens that you’ll have trouble choosing what you want. Mediterranean for breakfast? Dumplings for lunch? Huge pizza slices for dinner? Ralph’s Italian Ice or Eddie’s Sweet Shop for dessert? It can all be yours. 

We know Queens’ residents are just as unique as its neighborhoods, and we want to make sure we provide the best self storage to suit your lifestyles. Storage Post has three locations in Queens – Long Island CityRidgewood and Ozone Park – so stop by the next time you need some extra space.

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Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!