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Yonkers Amenities

Our Yonkers, New York location has a variety of self-storage sizes, from compact 4’x4’ lockers to extra-large 30’ x 10’ units. Plus, our amazing staff can help you choose the right sized unit for your self-storage needs.  

Climate-Controlled Units

We keep our climate-controlled units between 78°F in the summer and 55°F in the winter so the temperature is always just right. No temperature fluctuations means less damage to your belongings.

Security Cameras

We have security surveillance cameras operating 24/7/365. We like to keep an eye on things. 

Daily Access

We are open seven days a week, because we understand not everyone is available all the time. 

Motion-Activated Lighting

We have bright, motion-activated lighting in all our hallways, entrances and elevators that will light up as soon as motion is detected. You can see what you are doing, and we can see you.

Digital Security System

Our digital security system monitors everyone who comes and goes in the unit. Individual personal access codes let us keep track of who is in the facility, and only people with access codes can get into the building or on the elevator. These codes also operate the access gates


Your personal access code will give you access to the elevators. You can borrow a hand cart or dolly so you can push or pull your boxes to your unit and save your back.  

Elevated Loading Platforms

Elevated loading platforms let you walk from your truck onto the platform without lifting, and that just makes things easier.

Covered Loading Areas

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and moving is boring...we may not be able to control the weather, but we can keep you relatively warm and dry with covered loading areas.


Our intercoms give you access to our helpful staff right from your self-storage unit. No need to stop, lock up and trek to the office with a question. If you have a question during off-hours, just leave us a voice mail or send us an email (with our free Wi-Fi it's a breeze) and we will help you out when the office opens. 

Fenced and Gated 

Our Yonkers location is fenced and gated, and access is available only with an access code. And don’t even try to sneak in on the tail of someone else because our cameras are always watching. Once you get inside, we have lots of parking available, which will be a nice change from anyone who has tried to find a parking space while remembering what side of the street they are allowed to park on when.

Online Bill Pay

We want to make things simple, so you can view and pay your bill online. 

Boxes, Packing and Moving Supplies

If you want to level up from garbage bags, milk crates and funky used grocery store boxes, we have a full range of boxes, packing materials, tape and bubble wrap to make your life easier. 

Dollies and Hand Carts

Save your back, borrow one of our dollies or hand carts to make the job go more smoothly. 

Free Wi-Fi

We offer free Wi-Fi to all our on-site customers. That means no more missing important emails or “remember to bring the …” texts. 

Month-to-Month Rentals

We understand you don’t always want or need a one-year commitment to a self-storage unit. If you just need somewhere to store your stuff for a couple of months, we offer month-to-month rentals. Of course, we’re happy to have you as a customer for as long as you need. 

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff can help you out with everything from finding the right sized unit, to borrowing the dolly or tape gun, to finding a way around the toll roads. We can also offer suggestions about how to organize your unit and get you set up with your access code.

Getting to Our Yonkers New York, Location

Neil Simon might have been Lost in Yonkers once, but he probably didn’t have GPS. This location has been around for awhile, and was previously known as Storage USA, Extra Space Storage and The Storage Company.

If you’re coming from Mount Vernon, take the Cross County Parkway to Yonkers. Take exit 5 from Saw Mill River Parkway N. Merge onto Cross County Parkway, then take exit 2 for Saw Mill Parkway North toward Albany. Merge onto Saw Mill River Parkway N. Take exit 5 for Yonkers Ave toward Yonkers, then take Ashburton Ave and Saw Mill River Rd to Axminster St. Turn right onto Yonkers Ave, turn right toward Ashburton Ave, then turn right onto Saw Mill River Rd.

If you’re coming from Worthington, take NY-100B W. Turn left onto NY-9A S/Saw Mill River Rd.  Turn right onto Ashford Ave, then turn right onto Southfield Ave, then turn right onto Ashford Ave. Follow Saw Mill River Parkway S to Manning Ave in Yonkers. Take exit 6 from Saw Mill River Parkway S, then take exit 6 toward Lockwood Ave. Take Saw Mill River Rd to Axminster St. Wonder how people managed before GPS.

If you’re coming from Harlem, raid the swear jar for change before you leave to pay the tolls, and add some back in to cover the future swearing about the tolls. Take NY-9A N.Continue straight to stay on NY-9A N. Mutter about the tolls. Continue onto Henry Hudson Parkway, then continue onto Saw Mill River Parkway N. Take exit 5 for Yonkers Ave toward Yonkers, then take Ashburton Ave and Saw Mill River Rd to Axminster St.

Other Storage Post Locations Near Yonkers, New York

We have several locations on Long Island for your convenience:

●    Ridgewood, NY
●    Long Island City, NY
●    Jersey City, NJ
●    Bruckner Boulevard Bronx
●    Brook Avenue Bronx
●    Lawrence, NY
●    Park Avenue Bronx
●    Ozone Park, NY
●    Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

What’s it Like in Yonkers New York?

Yonkers was named after its founder, Adriaen Van der Donck, who was known as Jonk Herr (or young gentleman) which eventually became Yonkers. Located at the junction of the Hudson River and the Nepperhan River, Van der Donck built one of the first saw mills in the new world in Yonkers, and set the spark for a thriving trade center. 

Other sawmills and grist mills followed, along with blacksmith shops, stores, and taverns. The first golf course in the U.S.A. was established in 1888. The safety elevator was invented in Yonkers in 1853 by Elisha Otis, and FM radio was invented by Edwin Armstrong in 1912, ensuring millions of future riders of the safety elevator would have “Copacabana” stuck in their heads. 

Yonkers hosts one of the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the U.S. It was also the site of the Waring Hat Company, which was founded in 1849, and at its peak produced more hats in a day than any other company in the world.

Yonkers is the third largest city in New York State. In 1898, it voted against becoming a borough of New York City (along with parts of Long Island that turned itself into Nassau County). Unlike Long Island, Yonkers still likes to think of itself as the sixth borough. NYC thinks that’s cute. 

Niche.com gives Yonkers an A+ for diversity, as well as an A for nightlife, health and fitness and outdoor activities. Most people rent their homes, and the median house price is $403,900. It’s considered the second-most diverse neighborhood in New York State.

Why Storage Post?


Local Knowledge

We can help you find us, no matter what previous name you use. We know how to (more or less) avoid the toll roads, and where to find the best coffee. We understand the unique storage issues New Yorkers face and we’re here to help. 

Safety and Security

Safety and security is our number one priority, and we have a fenced and gated facility, 24/7/365 security cameras, bright motion-activated lighting and digital access codes.

Spic and Span

People are welcome. Critters, bugs and other creepy crawlies are not, so we work really hard to keep our facility neat, clean and pest-free. We, however, have no control over the chatty guy renting the neighboring unit who loves to talk. You’re on your own with him. 


What you see is what you get with our pricing. There are no hidden charges, extra admin fees or added costs. 

Helpful Staff

Our staff are here to help, whether you need bubble wrap, the WiFi password or help choosing the right-sized unit. We’re here to take on issues large and small.

Storage Post offers a commitment to safety, security, cleanliness and customer service, and competitive rates with no surprise fees. Whether you need short- or long-term self-storage, we can help you out. Call us today at 914.290.6171 or stop by our Yonkers location! 

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Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!