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It needs a bit more upgrading for the monthly fee charged
Lita CT
People their some times very rude and some very sweet
It's ok. Lady behind the desk was reasonable with me. I'm thankful I was able to find a storage during this rough time because of hurricane ida. There is a downside to it. When calling the 1800 number I was told my storage was climate control. However, the lady behind the desk said it was not. Also, you can only access your unit during business hours which is really a pain. I will not complain, but I will not used them again.
Jalessa Campbell
Great location - I just wish they had the advertised wifi which seems it will never be working...
Marcus Coltro
It was good, except the storage units were not accurately measured (smaller than the size that they were listed at) so we had to look at several units to find one that was big enough, I would suggest getting the actual measurements of each unit. The employees were very friendly and helpful.
Shawn Bullen
Their service is good but only one serious concern I have is when they have drilled long screws to reinforce the bottom part of all the storage spaces, this long screw drilling has gone through one of my expensive pro audio accessories box and I'm hoping that it has not damaged my accessories. Overall, storage post management should be more careful when drilling long screws for a thin metal reinforcement. I also feel that they should lower my monthly payment for the next year and half because of this and keep all my access the same, then I will say that it is even.
Abraham Alex
Can't wait to cancel my contract
Omari Knight
Good, but they increase your rent frequently and regularly.
Dwar Meji
Expensive, doors to unit are small and difficult to get things in and out.
ramzi osta
No frills self storage. Helpful staff
Mai Erne
PROS: They guy who works at the front desk is pretty helpful and laid back. The price of the storage rooms are great for the amount of space that you receive. CON: The woman at the front desk named DANA. TERRIBLE attitude with minimal customer service skills. She talks over you while you're trying to converse or ask a question(while giving you wrong information because she isn't listening to hear you, she's listening to respond with an attitude), which is extremely rude and annoying.
Jazmin Lowery
Friendly people ok pricing
United Public Radio