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I recently rented a storage unit here & Manny at the front desk was super helpful. He walked me through the entire process & helped me pick the best unit. He was a kind, humble dude & made the process feel super easy & safe. Great dude & great prices!
Hector Castillo
This is a brand new storage location with more than exceptional service. Manny from the front desk is very helpful and friendly. Clean and convenient location.
Kenny Cheung
My english is not good at all i speak arabic, manny using google translate was very very helpful, i love the security cameras, 3 elevators, very clean, alot of moving supplies, very good access hours and the kiosk but most of all manny is the best you need more manny’s
Akram Farah
Excellent customer service clean and very well kept... Front desk personnel Manny is extremely helpful and outstanding customer support
Ana Garcia
Manny was very helpful and patient in helping me choose the appropriate storage locket. Great location, everything is clean. Very professional !
Cristina Aculova
Manny is very professional and helpful. Place is clean.
David Curry
I was in dire need and oh boy was i accomdated extremely well by manny, he was able to explain every detail of what this facility has to offer including all perks and he was very fast im doing so in a accordingly way, i told him what i was storing and he showed me the perfect size on the first shot. Manny is very amenable, professional, friendly, attentive and well aware of how diffcult and stressful moving can be and manny made it simple, i commend you manny, YOU THE MAN!
Warren Taylor
This is a first class facility. Getting a storeroom was simple and fast and I did it remotely. On site, the staff was exceedingly helpful, especially Manny. The facility is very recently built, sparkling clean, easy to navigate, very secure and has flatbeds to help you move in or out. Strong recommend.
Stewart Wattson
I got my unit rental online, finally got the storage today, and met Manny, the manager; what an experience. I picked this place because of its great reviews about the manager, and I see why he is excellent. He helped me change my unit because the one assigned to me wasn’t true to size, and I needed my full size as I rented. Manny took care of the unit transfer and explained the different items, including the price change from when I rented until today; my unit size went up in price. Again, his customer service skill was outstanding, and we need more people like him in the workplace. He was pleasant and easy to talk to, and it felt like I had known him for years. Thank you, Manny, for your help, and I will recommend this storage place to anyone. I can’t wait to visit again, to say to him.
Gloria Marcano Cerisano
This was our first time ever renting a storage unit, Manny went above and beyond and helped us with all of our questions. Definitely the best customer service I’ve ever had friendly, funny and very helpful. I absolutely recommend this storage unit to everyone!
Sofia Markovic
This place is very very clean, alot of security cameras, 3 elevators, alot of merchandise like boxes,locks, tape, packaging supplies etc and the kiosk is lovely to use when it's busy and I love the access hours but I need to point something out that was way more impressive to me which is your employee or operations manager Manny, that man is special, by the grace of God he helped me beyond words can explain his heart is pure, my movers abandoned me and he made his business to make sure I was takened care of , he is very professional, he helped me and 3 other people all at once anyways thank you Manny you the best
Mary Anala
I've rented storage space multiple times in the past and this place is by far the nicest and cleanest. I'm particularly pleased about the climate control; I don't have to worry about extreme temperatures with the items I store. Hand trucks are always readily available and there are three elevators. I have been frustrated at times with other places in the past because of the lack of both, especially with someone moving in or out with a truck load at the exact time I needed to access something in my storage unit and the elevator was not available. Prior to renting, I did my homework and the rent prices are either less or comparable to other facilities in the area. In addition, Manny is extremely accommodating and helpful. He truly comes across as caring about customer satisfaction. I recommend this storage faculty fully without reservation.
Tim Edge