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I am pleased with Manny's services. He was very helpful with my move.
Michael Halpern
I agree with the first review. Great facility,great service and affordable storage. Definitely see Carlos he is great. He gave me a great deal on my storage unit and gave me the storage that I needed, he really runs a great operation. You wont find a better storage facility in the area.
Clari Tamayo
I can see why the other reviews talks about Manny. I was having a bad day due to having to move but he was so understanding, polite and professional. This is the best storage place on the island because of him.
Gorret Komuhendo
Love this place
Lisa Myers
You need to add cold, it’s hot and humid on the first floor, but everything else is fine.
Серёга Федотов
Excellent experience! I was by myself unloading a unit most of the afternoon. The space is clean and easy to navigate. Jessica Santos & Carlos Vega were very helpful and kind through out the day. Thank you both!
Nadia Hulett
I cannot explain just how delightful it was to move my things into this storage. Shaday was extremely helpful, polite and friendly. I wish I remembered the name of the phone salesman, because even he made me feel taken care of and happy! I really dig this place! Just please dont raise my rent! I recently met Carlos the other day when renting out a parking space and I'm delighted to say that he is a funny and firm character. I enjoyed meeting him and very happy with his customer service as well. He and Shaday are great, knowledgeable and helpful people. Another great experience at SP!
friendly, easy and clean
Allison Wade
If you're looking for a reliable storage solution, look no further. This place has got it all - great location, easy access, and plenty of options for different storage needs. And the staff is always on top of things, making sure the place is clean and secure. Highly recommend!
Maryann Nelson
Excellent facility convenient,affordable. And the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. Jessica santos was very helpful and a true professional thanks a million for your help. Would highly recommend this place.
freddy fredd
Very Good Personal
Manuel Aspiazu
Clean, reasonable pricing
Saul Silverstein