Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our self storage FAQ page, where years of industry experience have revealed common questions and concerns among our valued customers. Whether you're navigating the process of finding, choosing, or renting storage space, our team of knowledgeable specialists has crafted this resource to provide you with the guidance you need on frequently asked questions.

Scroll through to find the answers you’re looking for – but don’t worry if you can’t find what you need! Simply call 888.370.0088 and we can personally talk with you about your needs or concerns. We look forward to serving your storage needs!

Is there a requirement for length of stay with Storage Post storage units?

Nope! We don’t tie you down to a contract or require you to stay with us for any amount of time. We’re strictly month to month here at Storage Post, you can start and stop whenever you’d like!

What are the forms of payment available?

You can pay your bill by cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or money order.

Can someone else sign the lease for me to get a self-storage unit?

Yes! If you cannot make it to the location, you’re more than welcome to have someone go sign the lease for you and rent the space out in their name. You’d be able to switch ownership of the storage unit with a valid form of identification at a later date.

Is car or motorcycle storage available? What are the requirements?

Yes! We have parking spaces available! Our requirements for vehicular storage are for your vehicle to be running, registered and insured. Without these prerequisites, we cannot store cars or motorcycles.

How do I set up an online account and pay online?

Go to You’ll see a link at the top of the page that says “MY ACCOUNT”; click on that link. Halfway down the screen, click the link that says “CREATE ACCOUNT”. You can also sign up here. Be sure to have all required elements such as access codes, unit numbers and emails that are exactly as they appear on your account statements.

What is the autopay option for my storage unit?

Autopay is a billing feature we offer in which you’re automatically billed every month on the billing date. If you sign up today, we can save you $25 off your next bill! Outside of autopay, there are additional Storage Post features and amenities for renters

What if I lost the key to my storage unit lock? Can the lock be cut for me?

Yes! We can absolutely cut the lock for you FOR FREE. Stop by the front desk and let a storage specialist know!

What happens if I am late making a payment on my storage unit? How do late fees work?

Our late fee schedule only consists of 2 late fees per month. The 1st late fee is received when the bill is 5 days past due in the amount of $15.00; the 2nd late fee comes 15 days past the billing date in the amount of $30.00. In NEW JERSEY there is ONE late fee which comes on the account when your bill is 5 days past due; the late fee charge is 18% of the rent.

When does my unit go into auction status?

Units go into auction status when the unit becomes 30days past due. Between 31-35 days, there is a $100 lien and foreclosure fee that will come on the account. A later auction date is set and the best way to exit out of auction status would be to pay the outstanding balance before the auction date comes. More details can be found at this blog post: The Truth About Self Storage Units.