A Comprehensive Review of Storage Unit Options

Discover the best storage unit options in our comprehensive review. Compare sizes, features, and prices. Make informed choices for your storage needs.

In our hectic, modern world, the demand for versatile storage options has reached an all-time high. Be it trimming down your belongings, tidying up the house, or safeguarding your treasured collectibles - there's always a storage unit out there catering to your specific needs. This article dives deeper into a wide array of handy storage unit choices that offer high utility, supplying a thorough synopsis to aid you in making informed choices for your belongings.

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Storage Units - Options on Hand

There are a few options available out there when it comes to storage units:

Locker Unit

A standard fixture in most storage establishments is a locker unit. These are sometimes stacked 3 on top of each other making 3 levels of lockers, or these mini locker units (also referred to as mini units) may be stacked on top of full-size storage units. This option is quite economical as two 5x5x4 mini lockers are the same as one full-size 5x5 storage unit. A striking feature these units offer is their strategic positioning inside the facility – frequently situated near the entrance, ensuring easy access to retrieve your stored items. Plus, they are accessible with a sturdy, moveable staircase for added safety.

Locker units cater to varied needs. Suppose you've got stacked boxes brimming with books waiting for a revisit or seasonal outfit changes that only get worn for part of the year. In this case, lockers make an excellent choice. They also harbor personal stuff like cherished items, including nostalgia-inducing Menudo CDs! Essentially, locker units are perfect space savers for those small yet priceless things that aren't immediately needed but are simply too dear to let go of.

Small Unit

Smaller units that average 5' x 5' in size are pretty handy; but remember to review those detailed descriptions to find the exact dimensions. Small units are perfect spots for the likes of a smaller bookshelf or a neat side table you have but aren't using in your current space.

Have seasonal decorations, keepsakes, or other small possessions that you don't use year round? These mini storages are perfect for stashing away just about anything you fancy holding onto but don't need on a daily basis.

Medium Unit

With medium storage units that are around 5'x10', you can take your storage game to another level. Got stuff from an average one-bedroom sitting around or perhaps excess "I swear I'd use this someday" items cluttering your place - these units have you covered.

Medium-sized units offer some much-needed space that can act as an extension to your home! Whether shuffling between homes, dealing with superfluous possessions during downsizing, or simply accruing more stuff than imaginable – these will turn out to be just what you need.

Large Unit

When we talk about large units, think 10' x 10'. The space offered by these units matches up well with what a typical single-family house would need – more than enough room for your stuff, indeed.

Be it your extra furniture or seasonal sporting equipment, trust Storage Post to keep them secure. What's not to like? Plenty of space and an easy entry point make this one heck of a choice for those searching for some spare storage.

X-Large Unit

These oversize units are closer to the measurement of 10' x 20'. Pay attention to the specific dimensions in each description. These storage units offer massive areas perfect for business storage requirements. If you are living in Manhattan, these units provide ample storage for anything that may not fit in your home! Got a full-sized dining set? Bring it on – X-large units can handle it, and then some.


And let's not forget about parking spaces available for rent as part of our storage solution menu. As you might guess from their name, these are spots made just right for storing vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, or even RVs. This option is both handy and secure when it comes down to keeping your ride safe when unused. Vacation stretching out long ahead? Just wishing there was more space on your driveway at home? Renting one of our parking spaces is something worth considering.

Picking a Storage Unit – Things to Consider

Here are a few things that you should consider while selecting a storage unit option:

1. Unit Size

Don't just pick the first storage unit you see - think about what you’ll stash away in there. Make a list, slot your things into categories, and determine how much room they'll need. And remember to go for a bigger storage unit if you're on the fence - who knows, you might get more stuff down the line or want some wiggle room inside. And don't forget about headspace, either! You can stack many things upwards to save cash in the long haul; just make sure big items will fit, and have something like ladders or step stools handy to reach up high.

2. Location and Reachability

You've got to think carefully about where your unit will be. If you're planning on stopping by a lot, having it near your house or work makes it easier for regular visits. Check local routes and traffic, though - a place can look close enough on paper but could turn out to be a pain when driving there daily.

And speaking of access, check with the facility about their hours as well – some places let you come and go all day, every day, while others have strict timings or might need heads-up before letting you in for anything. So make sure their hours aren't going against yours.

3. Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Got items sensitive to heat or cold, moisture, or extreme weather? You might need a climate-controlled unit, then. Your electronic gizmos, artworks, musical gears, vino collection, and certain types of furniture could take a hit in conditions that are too chilly or toasted hot, not to mention clammy.

Sometimes these units are pricier than your average self-storage units. But paying a little extra is way better if it saves your prized possessions from damage and extends their lifespan. And remember folks - it's not just about the temperature; these units often keep a steady humidity level as well.

4. Safety & Security

There's nothing more important than keeping your belongings secure. On the hunt for an ideal storage facility? Keep an eye out for features like round-the-clock surveillance cameras, sturdy locks, and gated access. A place requiring specific access codes or cards can be much safer than an openly accessible one.

And don't forget about insurance on top of those security features! Ask an employee if it is part of the rental deal or if you'll need to provide your own coverage. If you're already covered under a homeowners' or renters' insurance policy, double-check whether it gives coverage to items in storage too.

5. Pricing & Detail

Even though it's important to keep an eye on your wallet, remember that going for the lowest price doesn't always assure value. You need to look at what you're getting - space size, position, security setup, and extras. Always read through any agreement before signing off on it - for example, are there fines if you decide to break a lease early? Can they hike up rates on a whim?

Also, don't shy away from asking about any specials or markdowns. Some complexes offer a discount for your first month or longer-term agreement, which is another handy saving. Make sure you've got all charges clear - as there may be late fees or penalties for not clearing out in time.

6. Staff & Management

You can tell a lot about how the management takes care of their business by checking their tidiness standards. A neatly kept unit usually means no creepy crawlies and a safe place to keep your stuff from water leaks, dust build-up, or bug problems.

Have a look at online reviews – better yet, visit the facility yourself if possible. Check out some telltale signs of consistent upkeep: clean hallways-check, water damage evidence-nope, Any pest control systems up? YES! A neat storage place is not only easier on the eyes but also a safer home for your things.


Storage units come in all sizes, serving multiple requirements, from tiny lockers to X-Large spaces - even parking spots - there's always something available, whatever your need might be. Having a clear understanding of these options helps you find just what you need, ensuring optimal safety and easy access. You can now opt for a storage provider like Storage Post that offers a variety of storage options catering to your specific needs!