About the Area

If you're having trouble finding space in your house or have personal belongings you need to store separately, self storage is your best bet. There are not many choices when it comes to your Airline drive self storage options. It is one thing to find a storage facility near your area, but it's another to find a company that can deliver an excellent service and protect your belongings. Storage Post is the leader in self storage, providing tenants with over 20 years of customer satisfaction.

Storage Post can deliver all the services you need as a customer. Our Airline Drive self storage units at our St. Rose location makes it easy to store your belongings and retrieve them. Storage post offers flexible options, so you won't have to worry about how much or how little you have to store. There are units from all sizes, so you can choose the perfect unit for your needs and also keep to your budget.

We also know how important it is to make sure your belongings are protected. We've taken the steps to secure your Airline Drive self storage units at the St. Rose facility with our Tenant Elite Protection plan. This plan covers theft, water damage, damage from smoke, explosion, vandalism, and fires.

We also provide extra coverage if you are planning to store something of great monetary value. Our coverage options are affordable and can cover up to $5000. You can opt for cheaper plans if you don't need as much coverage. There are no complicated payments for coverage either. All you do is simply pay the fee on top of the normal fee you would pay month to month.

Storage Post understands that customers need room to store vehicles. It's not uncommon to want to store cars, boats, RVs, and other vehicles to free up space outside the home. We offer solutions for vehicle storage in our Airline Drive self storage units. Residents looking for Airline Drive self storage use our St. Rose facility frequently for vehicles as it is located right next to the airport. And we know how important it is to ensure that your vehicle doesn't experience dents, scratches, and dings while it is stored.

Businesses that need to archive documents can also use our Airline Drive self storage. You can free up your office and trust us to secure your documents whether it's financial data, medical records, blueprints, or backups. We make sure that your documents are kept safe with our climate controlled storage units. This prevents any damage that documents would incur in regular conditions.

So trust Storage Post with all your storage needs. You can find Airline Drive self storage units by continuing west on Airline Drive. Just drive straight down highway 61 and drive past Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Our St. Rose location will be half a mile from when you first get to Louis Armstrong Airport from driving down Airline Drive. You can get more details on our online website at before you reach our facility.

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