About the Area

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when your living space is clean and organized? Unfortunately, you can't get that good feeling when you don't have enough room to put everything. At Storage Post, we have all the extra space you need. With your excess belongings safely put into storage, you can feel peaceful in your surroundings every day. You can visit your Manhattan self storage unit whenever you need to bring something home or remove more items from your apartment.

Affordable Ozone Self Storage Units for Any Need

At Storage Post, we are here to serve the needs of our neighbors living in the 10164 ZIP code. We understand that everyone has different budget and storage requirements. Our Ozone self storage units are affordable even if you are on a tight budget. We have several different sizes of storage stalls available for your consideration. If you rent a unit and find that you need more or less space, you can always make a change. Storage Post is all about flexibility and providing superior customer service.

Burglars and Graffiti Artists Don't Stand a Chance at Storage Post

At Storage Post, anyone looking to steal or cause trouble won't get past the front entrance. We require a personalized access code to even enter our facility. Once inside, every action is recorded on our 24-hour surveillance camera. Your storage stall is equipped with personal smoke and burglar alarms to keep your valuables protected. The doors and walls of all storage stalls are made from rolled steel. You can access your storage unit at any time with your personal code. If you need to speak to a staff member, there is an intercom located inside of your stall.

Protect Your Valuables from New York's Harsh Weather

You never know quite what to expect with weather in New York. Just when you get used to several consecutive days of sunshine, the temperature suddenly drops. If you store items outdoors, this unpredictability can eventually damage your valuables. At Storage Post, the temperature in our Manhattan self storage stalls is always the same. We maintain an ideal air temperature to control dust and humidity throughout the year. If given enough time, these elements can destroy paper documents and other items you have stored at home. You don't have to worry about that ever happening at Storage Post. We encourage you to store your irreplaceable treasures in a perfect climate-controlled environment.

Ideal Solutions for People Who Don't Want a Long-Term Commitment

Our monthly contract is ideal for people who aren't sure how long they need to store their items. Perhaps you are purchasing your first house in the 10164 ZIP code and will have more storage space soon. We are here to fill in the gaps until that happens. We are also happy to offer new customers a free moving truck and driver for up to two hours. It's the least we can do make your move stress free.

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