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Do you have piles of papers that you intend to go through eventually? Have your kids outgrown toys and clothes that you just can't give away? These are common scenarios for those who rent an apartment in the 10172 ZIP code. Although city life has many advantages, Manhattan rentals are not exactly spacious. This can leave you feeling frustrated by the lack of space to unwind and relax. The ideal solution is to rent an Ozone self storage unit from Storage Post. Since we are right in the 10172 ZIP code, the process couldn't be easier.

Reasonably Priced Manhattan Self Storage Units for All Types of Needs

You could notice a big difference in your apartment space just by moving a few items. For those who don't have a lot of bulky items to store, we offer storage lockers and stalls up to 5 x 15. However, if you need to store furniture, clothes, kitchenware, and more while you're in between apartments, we offer large units like our 10 x 30 option. For tenants looking to store their vintage automobiles or RVs during the off-season, we offer vehicle storage as well.

You Can Depend on Storage Post to Provide Excellent Security

You don't want to pay money to store your valuables only to end up worrying about them. At Storage Post, we provide you with peace of mind through our many security measures. In addition to giving our tenants personal access codes, our 24-hour surveillance system can catch any suspicious activity at our Ozone self storage location. Perimeter fencing helps deter potential intruders. Every unit is made of reinforced steel. At Storage Post, unauthorized people are thwarted in every direction.

Your Valuables Are Too Important to Expose to the Elements

When you store your items in a garage or basement, extreme temperatures and humidity can ruin your valuables. Items like furniture, books, electronics, clothing, and jewelry face permanent damage if not stored properly. Luckily, you can protect your belongings by storing them in one of our climate-controlled units. No matter what the temperature is like outside, you're valuables are safe at Storage Post.

You Only Pay for the Storage You Actually Need

Storage Post offers contract terms that are flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. This includes a month-to-month contract option for temporary residents, as well as options for people seeking long-term Manhattan self storage solutions. Storage Post makes it easy for tenants to find affordable, convenient, and secure options. 

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