About the Area

If your Mt. Vernon apartment is overflowing with clutter, you don't have to just live with it. Storage Post offers many convenient off-site storage options for people living in the 10550 ZIP code. Our storage solutions work for anyone, whether you need more room for a new baby or just need to get organized. The extra space will make you feel more relaxed as you get accustomed to the new circumstances in your life.

Self Storage is as Unique as Your Situation

At Storage Post, we take an individual approach to serving the needs of our customer. We understand that people are at different stages in their lives, and our storage options reflect that. If you only need a small locker, we won't try to sell you a 10 x 30 stall. Our storage stalls come in six different sizes, starting at 5 x 5. You can also store your vehicle for the winter or keep important business documents at Storage Post. We even offer document destruction when you no longer need your papers. We trust you to know your own Mt. Vernon self storage needs and never pressure you to take on more than you need.

Better Security than Your Mt. Vernon Apartment

One of the downsides of apartment living is that there are always people coming by who you don't know. That can make it hard to feel confident about the security of your valuables. At Storage Post, you never have to give theft or vandalism a second thought. Our security measures are so strong that unauthorized people can't even get past the front gate. We require a security code for access and have uniformed staff on duty 24 hours a day. A video surveillance camera captures every movement that takes place at our Pelham self storage facility. Your storage stall itself is also heavily protected. Every unit is made of steel and equipped with a personal burglar alarm.

Self Storage to Protect Your Valuables from the Weather

Your irreplaceable antiques and valuable collectible items are safe from all types of weather at Storage Post. When you keep your items at your 10550 area home, it doesn't take long for them to get damaged by humidity. Extreme cold or heat can also do damage. All of our climate-controlled storage units keep your belongings in excellent condition. You never have to worry about mold, paper curling or items breaking from excess temperatures. We also provide protection for your valuables in the event of heavy rain, wind gusts, snow, tornadoes and more.

Convenient Contract Options  

When the time comes to move from the Pelham neighborhood, you don't want to be committed to a long storage contract. Storage Post provides you with numerous flexible options to get you through life's transitions. We know that life can change in a moment, and you may need to collect your items and move. With a 30-day contract from Storage Post, you always have that option. You can also choose a larger or smaller storage stall at the end of every contract period. We aim to provide choices that fit into your busy life as much as possible.

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