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A storage unit can come to your rescue when you've accumulated an abundance of belongings. Once you've settled into a residence, possessions seem to multiply, and finding the time to reduce your things by donating them is challenging. When you rent a storage unit, you can transfer your rarely used belongings to a storage space. Moving to a new residence is another reason to consider renting a storage unit as you may find it difficult to move your current possessions into a new home. For instance, your sofa may not fit properly in your new place, or your new home's closet space may be smaller than the storage areas from your old residence. Once you begin reviewing Mt. Vernon self storage facilities, you'll discover that Storage Post offers the services that will give you peace of mind such as security, different unit sizes and flexible contracts.

Storage Post's Security Features

As you review the options for a self storage unit, be sure to assess Storage Post's advanced security features. We install door alarms on our units and provide 24-hour video recording. Our sites include camera surveillance of the parking lot to ensure that your precious possessions remain secure. In addition, our units include resilient rolled steel construction, and we keep personnel on-site at all times. Our security members will walk through the facility regularly to provide further protection for your belongings. At Storage Post, many of our structures have perimeter fencing, which prevents theft. We also have an advanced security system for additional observation.

Storage Post Offers Assorted Unit Sizes and Options

Since we have a storage facility near your 10552 ZIP code, you'll appreciate storing your things in a convenient location. When you rent a unit from Storage Post, you can choose from various unit sizes. For example, you can borrow a 10 x 10 space, which is large enough to store the belongings from a one to two bedroom apartment. We also offer larger 10 x 15 units for storing items that fit in a two to three bedroom home. Our biggest unit is 10 x 30, and you could move the possessions from a five-bedroom home into the space.

You can also choose to rent a climate-controlled unit. With an advanced unit that regulates the interior space, you will feel confident storing delicate items like furniture, papers and jewelry. A climate-controlled unit will stop dust from entering the space, which provides extra protection for your musical instruments and electronics. Humidity can damage your important documents or special books. Therefore, you may consider renting a climate-controlled space to safeguard them. The technologically advanced unit will also preserve machinery and wooden or leather furniture.

Contract Options from Storage Post

When you need a New Rochelle self storage unit, consider renting one from Storage Post since we offer contracts that are month-to-month. You can also choose to sign an annual contract with us.

Once you start the search for a self storage unit, you'll surely select Storage Post as we offer cutting-edge security features, different unit sizes and a convenient facility near your 10552 ZIP code. With a Storage Post unit, you can de-clutter you home and reclaim your closet.

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