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Owning and using a car can be an expensive proposition. If you live in an area that has decent public transportation, you may avoid using it as much as possible. In fact, many couples are able to downsize to one car for that very reason. Instead of selling your spare car, why not store it? Storage Post's Pelham self storage facility is just the place to store your car and anything else. There are plenty of options for Mt. Vernon self storage, but Storage Post is the best option. If you're a resident of the 10558 ZIP code, you can safely, conveniently and affordably store your belongings until you need them again.

Large Units for Affordable Rates

It's natural to assume that storing a vehicle or a large number of things is going to cost an arm and a leg. That's not the case with Storage Post. We offer lockers and units in a wide array of sizes. Many of our customers store their cars with us; some of them even store RVs. Still others just store a few household items. These units are an especially convenient option for people who don't have garages, but you can benefit from this type of self storage even if you do. After all, who couldn't use the extra space? Why waste so much of it by storing a car you never drive or things you never use?

Climate-Controlled Storage for Extra Peace of Mind

Storing an everyday vehicle is one thing, but storing a classic or extremely valuable car or other fragile item is another. Keeping delicate items in a regular, unheated garage is a big mistake. Temperature fluctuations and excessive humidity can wreak havoc on classic cars and other fragile items. Storage Post has a great solution. Our Pelham storage facility offers climate-controlled units that will keep your most important items in like-new condition. You'll feel a lot better knowing that your things aren't being exposed to extreme weather. We offer competitive rates for climate-controlled self storage in the 10558 ZIP code, so you don't have to break the bank either.

Keep Your Things Under Lock and Key

One reason people are sometimes reluctant to store their things in self storage facilities is because they're concerned about security. That's totally understandable, and it's important to make sure that a facility puts a top priority on keeping your stuff safe. Storage Post offers exceptionally secure storage. Our units are designed out of reinforced steel, and on-site personnel drastically reduce the risk of theft. Units are accessed through personal access codes, and the premises are monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. In short, your car and other belongings will be in good hands.

Long-Term and Short-Term Storage

Although many people choose to store their belongings for the long term, others only need storage for a few months. No matter how long you require our services, we're here to help. Unlike many self storage companies, we don't require customers to sign restrictive, long-term contracts. Instead, we have month-to-month contracts that give you superior flexibility. You never know what's going to happen, so it's nice to have options. In every way, Storage Post is committed to providing the best storage options. Stop in today to see for yourself.

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