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About the Area

At one time, you may have been able to comfortably fit all of your belongings into your Bronx apartment. Perhaps a relative had to move in, or you added more personal items out of necessity. All of a sudden, it seems like there is no room left for you. When you are ready to take back your space, contact Storage Post for help. We have numerous storage options available for people living in the 10475 ZIP code.

Self Storage that is Easy on the Budget

All of our customers are at a different stage in their lives. Some only need a locker to store a few valuables. Others require a much larger space. At Storage Post, you only pay for the amount of space you actually need. If your Bronx self storage unit no longer meets your needs, we will find you something else. Since we're right in your neighborhood, you can add or remove items any time you like. Storage Post is convenient, affordable and the perfect place to put your excess clutter.

Security You Can Depend on Day and Night

If you've ever lost sleep worrying about the security of your valuables, you need Storage Post. Our security measures eliminate the stress of storing your items away from home. This includes belongings that have both a sentimental and financial value to you. You would be hard pressed to find an army base as secure as Storage Post. Our security begins before you even reach the front gate. Our parking lot is well-lit and under 24-hour surveillance. This ensures that you feel safe when you add or remove your valuables. When you sign a contract with us, we provide you with a personal access code. You will need this to enter the facility at all hours. A security guard is always on duty to answer your questions and help you feel safe. Our storage units are made of reinforced steel to prevent unauthorized access.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units Keep Your Valuables Safe in All Weather

Our Pelham self storage facility utilizes state-of-the-art features to prevent damage caused by extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and mold. Our climate-controlled storage units are kept at an ideal indoor temperature all year long. This keeps your valuables safe from damage no matter how long you choose to store them with us. In our throwaway society, there are still precious family heirlooms that can never be replaced. Even when it is raining, sleeting or the wind is howling outside, you valuables are safe inside. Not every storage facility in the 10475 ZIP code can say that.

Flexible Storage Options for Every Stage of Life

Whether you have just graduated from college or are nearing retirement, you need a flexible storage contract. Self storage should meet your needs, not tie you down. We offer our customers the chance to sign up for a monthly contract if that works best. You are only committed to 30 days at a time, so you can plan your life accordingly. At Storage Post, we meet you right where you are in life.

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