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People move into smaller homes for a variety of reasons. It's sometimes due to financial constraints or to lead a simpler life. In some instances, it's worth it to move into a smaller place if it means being in a better location. Whatever your reasons for downsizing, you're going to need to find a place to keep your extra belongings. Storage Post is an excellent solution. Our Atlantic self storage facility is within close proximity of the 11256 ZIP code, and we offer an array of self storage solutions that will make life a lot easier.

Extensive Security Measures for Safe Self Storage

Before moving your things to our Atlantic facility, you'll probably want to make sure that our security is up to par. We maintain optimal security in a variety of ways. There are employees on-site at our facility, with their presence acting as a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders. Our units are secured by personal access codes, and we use 24-hour video surveillance as well. In addition to that, our lockers and units are built out of reinforced steel, which eliminates the risk of criminals forcing their way in. We're happy to give you a tour of the premises to show you these features in person.

Safe Storage for Delicate Items

Things like important documents and delicate clothes don't stand up well to extreme weather or moisture. When they're exposed to very high or low temperatures or excessive humidity, they deteriorate and become damaged. Luckily, you can still store these things at our Atlantic facility because we offer climate-controlled units that are designed for that exact purpose. In a climate-controlled unit, your most fragile belongings will be shielded from excessive heat, cold and humidity. They will remain in excellent shape until you're ready to retrieve them.

Month-to-Month Contracts

Some Brooklyn self storage facilities are more concerned with their bottom lines than with keeping their customers happy. They only offer long-term contracts and slap them with fees when they cancel their storage units early. At Storage Post, our goal is to provide tenants with the most flexible self storage in the 11256 ZIP code. We do that with month-to-month contracts. From one month to the next, you can decide whether to keep your items in storage or to remove them. You won't be left with a huge bill for doing so.

What do You Need to Store?

Don't rule out our self storage facility because you think we don't have units that suit your needs. If you only have a few things, for instance, you may assume that we can't help. In reality, we have lockers that provide the perfect amount of space. On the other end of the spectrum, you may have an RV or boxes and boxes of things that need to be stored. We have units that can accommodate all of that and more. For the perfect amount of storage space, you can't go wrong with Storage Post.

Storage Post has several Self Storage Facilities in the Brooklyn area serving the these zip codes:

Brooklyn, NY 11208

Brooklyn, NY 11207

Brooklyn, NY 11385

Ozone Park 11417

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