Self Storage in Rockville Centre, NY 11570 storage units near you

About the Area

Even though apartments in the 11507 ZIP code tend to be upscale, they don't always have enough storage space. Storage Post offers an affordable solution to this problem. You can store your excess belongings with us and have the space you need to unwind after a long day. Since we are close to the 11507 ZIP code, you can add or retrieve items at any time.

You Won't Break Your Housing Budget with Storage Post

For most people, rent and utilities make up the biggest part of a budget. Some individuals may fear that adding self storage will drive their expenses too high. Storage Post understands this position. Our rental units are priced to easily fit into your budget. You control the cost by choosing the storage size and contract option that is right for you. Some customers need to store a few papers, while others need a place to put a car. We have numerous options available, and Storage Post provides you with inventory sheets to keep track of everything in your unit.

The Ultimate Protection for Your Valuables

Security is the most important aspect at our Floral Park self storage location. If you own items of high monetary or sentimental value, you may feel anxious about keeping them safe. Storage Post eliminates this worry from your life entirely. Thanks to our 24-hour surveillance cameras, we are always aware of what goes on at our facility. Our security guards make regular rounds and investigate anything suspicious at once. The front gate at Storage Post will not open unless an individual security code is entered. Every storage stall has its own burglar alarm and is manufactured from rolled steel. This makes it impossible for an unauthorized person to access.

Protection from New York's Changing Weather Conditions

Climate control is one of the major benefits of self storage from Storage Post. It can be hard on your valuables when weather conditions change quickly. They may become warped and impossible to use if exposed to the elements too long. Humidity is a big problem when it comes to storing your belongings indoors. Over time, you may find them broken or covered with mold. This is something that never happens at Storage Post as our climate-controlled technology produces the ideal indoor temperature and humidity level. With climate-controlled self storage, your baby blanket and other irreplaceable treasures will never deteriorate.

Signing Your Life Away is Not Required at Storage Post

At Storage Post, we respect that you may be in a time of transition in your life. Major events like the death of a loved one, divorce or job loss can make it difficult to predict the immediate future. Some of our customers have no way of knowing what the next month will bring. That is why long storage contracts don't make sense for everyone. At Storage Post, you can sign a new contract once every 30 days. This gives you the flexibility you need until your life becomes more settled. We also offer annual contracts and other longer contract terms. No matter what stage of life you're at, Storage Post can accommodate your needs.

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