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Self-Storage in Pleasant Plains, NY

There are many amazing communities on Staten Island, and Pleasant Plains is one of them. Storage Post loves our Staten Island neighbors.

Our Perth Amboy, NJ Storage Post location is a 20-minute drive across the Outerbridge Crossing (depending on the traffic, but if you live in NYC or Jersey, you understand about that).

If you’re travelling from New Jersey to Pleasant Plains, it will cost you $16 in tolls, but the return trip is free because there are no tolls from New York to New Jersey.

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The Pleasant Plains, NY Community

Pleasant Plains is located on the south shore of Staten Island, looking out over the Lower New York Bay.


When the Staten Island Railway was built in 1860, there was already a Tottenville station, so the owners called the next station, which was two miles north, Pleasant Plains. The name stuck as the community grew around the station.

From 1882 to 1994, Pleasant Plains was home to The Mission of the Immaculate Virgin for the Protection of Homeless and Destitute Children, more commonly known as Mount Loretto.

Founded by Father John Drumgoole, Mount Loretto was the largest orphanage in the U.S, and, at its height, was a self-sustaining micro-community with its own farm, including crops and livestock. There was also a school, churches, dormitories and an infirmary to care for the residents.

The site is still home to a number of community organizations, and the former agricultural land is now a nature preserve.


Pleasant Plains is a great destination to live if you enjoy health and fitness, vibrant nightlife and outdoor activities. With a small population of around 2,700, there’s lots of space to enjoy life.

According to, the median home value is $714,932, which is well above the national average of $229,800, and 58% of residents own their homes.

In Pleasant Plains, the median household income is $141,846, which is above the national average of $64,994.


In January, you can expect an average temperature of 32°F during the day and 18°F overnight, and, over the course of the winter, you can expect to deal with about 15 inches of snow. Cozy blankets, warm clothes and a couple of space heaters make winter tolerable.

In summer, you can expect 75% humidity and highs of around 84°F during the day and 60°F overnight. That is not very comfortable for sleeping, so you’ll probably need air conditioning or a couple of fans.

If you don’t have a great deal of space at home, all the accoutrements for surviving weather in NYC can take up a great deal of space. A self-storage unit is a great solution for stowing fans, heaters, lawn and garden equipment, heavy quilts and blankets and other “survival” gear until you need them again.

Self-Storage Facilities Near Pleasant Plains, NY

Why Choose Storage Post

If you live in Pleasant Plains, you probably spend between 45 and 90 minutes a day commuting to work, and many people leave home at the crack of stupid, oops, we mean around 6:30 a.m., to make it on time.

Our Storage Post locations have extended hours so you can access your self-storage unit when it’s convenient for you. So, if you get stuck on the Outerbridge Crossing, you can still pick up the seasonal decorations on your way home.

You might have valuable photos or documents that should be safeguarded, especially if your ancestors lived at Mount Loretto. Temperature fluctuations are dangerous for delicate items, so a climate-controlled self-storage unit is your BFF to preserve the past.

Did you know a self-storage unit is the perfect solution for commercial or business needs? You can store supplies, equipment, inventory and more for a fraction of the cost of office space across the bay in Manhattan.

And if you’re a small business owner, a self-storage facility can be a silent partner to help you build your business to the next level. Maybe you won’t have to leave at the crack of dawn anymore.

Come and chat with our helpful staff at any of our locations to see how we can help you with your self-storage needs.

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Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!