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Self Storage Units Near North Shore Towers



For storage solutions that are secure, affordable, and flexible, rely on Storage Post in Ridgewood near North Shore Towers. Self storage units can help alleviate the burdens you may experience with not having enough storage space at home. They can also be used in temporary situations where last-minute storage is needed. At Storage Post, storage solutions for a variety of needs can be chosen to store items in small and large capacities.

About Self Storage Near North Shore Towers

The need for self storage can happen anywhere. Around North Shore Towers, self storage units may sometimes be needed to store excess belongings away from home. Students moving back for the summer can also take advantage of a storage unit to keep their items in a separate space until they need them again. In short, almost anyone can benefit when renting a storage unit in the right size.


At Storage Post in Ridgewood, units come in a variety of sizes to accommodate nearly any capacity of storage needs. From boxes of holiday decorations to unused furniture sets, renting a storage unit can safely keep these items away from home, allowing for easier de-cluttering. For secure storage options that free up space in your home in North Shore Towers, self storage at Storage Post is a great solution.

Security at Storage Post

Security is a primary goal of Storage Post. Nothing is more important than keeping your items safe while stored inside a storage unit. At Storage Post, your belongings are protected behind roll-formed steel doors and locks to keep intruders and vandalism out. Around the facility, alarms and video cameras monitor the area for unlawful activity. If you live around North Shore Towers, self storage is a secure and safe option for storing any type of item over a long period of time.


Some items may not sustain well in a storage unit over long periods of time. For storage units that keep temperatures regulated inside, consider climate control. No matter what the weather is around North Shore Towers, self storage keeps items safely enclosed and unaffected from the heat, cold, and humidity.

About Storage Post

With over 55 years in the business of self storage units, Storage Post has provided convenient and practical storage solutions to cities across the country. Based in Atlanta, Storage Post has storage facilities in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Georgia. For the community of North Shore Towers, self storage can be found at Storage Post in Ridgewood.

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