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Amenities for our Self-Storage Location in Ridgewood, NY

Our Ridgewood, NY location in Queens has a full range of self-storage units from small 5’x 5’ lockers to store your documents or collectibles to extra-large 10’ x 30’ units to store your camper, kayak or contest-winning seasonal decorative display, including your plastic Bumble the Snowman.

Climate-Controlled Units

Our self-storage climate-controlled units are kept 78°F in the summer and 55°F in the winter. We like roller coasters as much as the next person, but not when it comes to wildly fluctuating temperatures. Neither do your possessions, so we keep it constantly comfy year round.  

Security Cameras

I spy with my little eye, someone acting shady! We have 24/7/365  security cameras watching out for things, people and activity. It’s another way we keep you and your possessions safe in our facility. 

24-Hour Access

If you have a sudden burning need to make raclette at 2 a.m. but the raclette unit is in your self-storage unit, we've got you covered. You can access our facility 24/7/365 as long as you have your personal digital access code. 

Motion-Activated Lighting

And while you’re picking up your raclette, there's no need to worry about fumbling with the flashlight on your cell phone. We have bright motion-activated security lighting in our facility so you can always see what you are doing and who else might be in the area (and we can see you with the cameras!). 

Digital Security System

Our commitment to security doesn’t end with cameras and blindingly bright lights. Every person entering the facility must also use a personal digital access code. No code, no entry. 

Individual Unit Door Alarms

Make sure you remember your code properly, because all our units are equipped with individual door alarms and they are very loud if you try to open them with the wrong code.  

Free Wi-Fi

We all are connected. No, really, we are all wired and connected, so you can use our free Wi-Fi while you are on-site. You know, in case you have to search for what a raclette is…


Not only will that digital access code open gates and doors, it’s also the only way to access the elevators. Pretty versatile for a string of random numbers, don’t you think? 

Covered Indoor Loading Areas

We have covered indoor loading areas to protect you from the weather while you move your things in or out. We cannot fix the weather, but we can do our best to protect you from it. 

Fenced and Gated 

Our Ridgewood location is fenced and gated, plus you need your access code to open the gate. And once you’re inside, we have lots of parking. Anyone who has ever tried to park in Queens knows how valuable an actual parking spot is!

Drive-Up Units 

Your arch rival in the seasonal decor contest has upped their game, so you need to bring out Santa’s workshop and the full sleigh and reindeer set. No problem: With our drive-up units, you can pull up, access your unit and be on your way to victory faster than you can name all eight reindeer. On Dasher, on Dancer…

No-Contact Rental/Online Bill Pay

With our no-contact rental and online bill pay, you can rent a unit, digitally sign your agreement and view and pay your bill online and without ever leaving your couch. And we don’t even require a deposit to secure your unit. 

Boxes, Packing and Moving Supplies

Level up your moving skills with proper supplies. We have all the packing supplies and moving boxes you need to make your moving and storage job go smoothly, from tape guns to packing materials to bubble wrap. 

Dollies and Hand Carts

Push or pull rather than carrying your belongings, and your body is sure to thank you. You can borrow a dolly or hand cart from us and make the job easier on your back.

Business/Commercial Accounts

We like small business owners, big business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups alike. Long story short, we are happy to welcome commercial and business accounts. 

Referral Program

You can earn a $50 credit for every person you refer to us, and who doesn't need some extra cash?

Free Truck and Shuttle Service

If you’re new in town, it can be overwhelming to get help moving your stuff. Ask our staff about our free truck and shuttle service so we can help.

Month-to-Month Rentals

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you don’t need a permanent self-storage solution. Sometimes you just need a place for a couple of months while you bicker about new tile and cabinetry for the kitchen. So you can rent a self-storage unit from us month-to-month, short- or long-term. 

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff members are pretty amazing, and they can help you choose the right unit, discuss the benefits of storage unit insurance or find the best coffee shop within walking distance.

Protection Plan Available

We have self-storage insurance available to give you extra protection for your belongings. Wondering why? You can learn more in Gain Peace of Mind with Storage Insurance.

Getting to Our Ridgewood Location

If you’re coming from Rego Park, take the  I-495 W/Long Island Expressway via the ramp to Midtown Tunnel. Take the Exit 18/Maurice Ave exit. Merge onto Queens Midtown Expressway. Turn left onto Maurice Ave, turn left onto Borden Ave. Turn right onto 60th St. Turn left onto Maspeth Ave, Turn right onto 61st St. Turn right onto Flushing Ave, then right onto Metropolitan Ave.

If you’re coming from Bushwick, go northeast on Linden St toward Knickerbocker Ave, turn left onto Woodward Ave, turn right onto Starr St, turn left onto Metropolitan Ave. 

If you’re coming from Bedford-Stuyvesant, spend 10 minutes arguing about how to pronounce it, and then smirking at the GPS voice attempts. Head north on Throop Ave toward Brother George Washington Way "Legendary Boxing Trainer"/Gates Ave. Turn right onto Flushing Ave, turn left onto Woodward Ave and take a sharp right onto Metropolitan Ave.

Other Storage Post Locations Near Ridgewood, NY

We have several locations for your convenience:
Carnation Ave - Floral Park
Starr Ave - Long Island City
Grand Ave - Brooklyn
Broadway - Jersey City

Why Storage Post?

Local Knowledge

We know the Unique Storage Issues New Yorkers Face, where the Café Giannini used to be and how to deal with the closure and continuing repairs of the M train line. We’ll make sure you get directions to Ridgewood Queens, not Ridgewood New Jersey, because GPS is possessed sometimes. 

Safety and Security

We have 24/7/365 video surveillance and a digital security system with personal access codes. If you don’t have a code, you cannot get through the gate, into the facility or onto the elevator. 

Transparency and Convenience

We have month-to-month, short and long-term rentals, and you can view and pay your bill online. We give great value for fair pricing and there will never be a surprise when you see your account. And if there’s an issue, our amazing staff are there to help. 

Free Truck and Shuttle Service

We get that not everyone who lives in NYC has a car. We offer a free truck and shuttle service to and from our facility in lieu of other discounts and promotions. 

Helpful Staff

Need the Wi-Fi password, want help with choosing the right size unit to fit your needs, need more bubble wrap because it inexplicably deflated… one bubble at a time… or need the dolly or hand cart? Our staff is here to help you. 

Storage Post is committed to safety and security, transparent costs and quality customer service. We can help you out with the perfect sized unit to fit your needs, tips for organizing or help deciding which storage insurance plan is right for you. Call us today at 718.619.4635 or stop in at our Ridgewood location!

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