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Self Storage Units in Willets Point

Lacking storage space can easily become a hindrance in the day-to-day functioning of homes and businesses, including those around Willets Point. Self storage unit rentals at the Storage Post in Ridgewood provide a convenient solution for storing personal and excess belongings away from home, so that you have more room for the things you need.ÿ

Self storage units are a great way to not only create more space, but also a better way to organize certain items. Seasonal objects, such as skis and holiday ornaments, don't necessarily need to be stored at home - a storage unit can separate them from your everyday items and keep things better organized. If you're facing storage problems around Willets Point, self storage at Storage Post in Ridgewood could prove to be a convenient solution.

About Self Storage Near Willets Point

Security, flexibility, and proximity are just a few of the qualities people seek in storage units. Storage Post offers these and more through its Ridgewood facility closest to Willets Point. Self storage here is not only secure, but affordable to any budget. Month-to-month contracts enable steady payment of a storage unit, while security is ensured through camera recording and other features that protect units around the clock.

When facing storage issues around Willets Point, self storage is a great solution to consider. Look into the Storage Post in Ridgewood for more ways you can make self storage a valuable solution.ÿ

Security at Storage Post

Keeping items safe from break-ins and other harmful activity is what Storage Post enforces in all of its facilities. At the Ridgewood location, secure storage units offer tenants the peace of mind they need while storing items in an offsite location. For this reason, numerous security features have been installed, including video cameras, alarm systems, and locks. Roll-formed steel doors further keep intruders at bay and away from your belongings.


If climate becomes an issue around Willets Point, self storage can be had with climate control settings. Climate control keeps indoor temperatures at a consistent level so that items do not get damaged from extreme heat, cold, or humidity. Customers with temperature-sensitive materials may want to consider this as an option when renting a self storage unit.

About Storage Post

Storage Post offers self storage solutions for virtually all storage issues encountered by homeowners, store owners, and anyone in need of more space. For residents of Willets Point, self storage can be found at the Ridgewood location. With units in all sizes to accommodate nearly any type and capacity of belongings, ideal storage solutions are only a neighborhood away in Ridgewood.

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