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Whether you're moving, decluttering, renovating or remodeling, you need a place to store your furniture. Proper furniture storage is crucial to protect the items and keep them in good condition, and make sure they are easily accessible when needed.

There are several reasons why furniture storage matters

Space Saving

When tight on space, every square foot is precious, and furniture can take up a lot. Storing extra furniture is great solution for saving pieces you want to keep without sacrificing your living space.

Easy Access

Just because you don't store you stuff in your home doesn't mean you don't need it. Furniture storage allows you to keep items out of they way but still access them when they're needed. This can be especially useful for seasonal items like holiday decor or extra furniture and seating for hosting guests.


Whether you need a space for several weeks or years, storage units are the way to go. When evaluating storage vendors, look for facilities that offer flexible agreements instead of fixed-term contracts. At Storage Post, we offer month-to-month leases with no minimum times.


Security is also an important factor to consider when choosing a furniture storage solution. Selecting a well-secured storage space with amenities to prevent theft or damage is essential. This may include security cameras, alarms, and on-site security personnel.

Considerations for Furniture Storage

Before selecting a self-storage facility to store your furniture, think about the following.

  • Preparation: To keep your furniture in good condition, it is essential you store them properly. Make sure all items are clean and dry before placing them in the unit. For delicate or old pieces, use a breathable cover, like cloth to cover and protect items from dust and potential bumps from other items. Labeling and organizing the items is also a good idea to make them easier to find when needed.
  • Size: It is essential to choose a space that is large enough to accommodate all the items that need to be stored, but not so large that it is unnecessarily expensive. Storage Post has several different sizes of storage units available, ranging from small units suitable for storing a few small furniture items to large units suitable for storing multiple large furniture items or an entire home's worth of furniture. Use our storage calculator below to find out what size space you will need.
  • Location: Think about how often you will need to access to unit. If you will be making frequent visits, you should choose a location that is close to your home or work to make trips more convenient. Don't forget to assess parking and loading areas if you will be taking items to and from the unit.
  • Climate-Control: Furniture can be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and can be damaged if stored in an environment that is too hot, cold, or humid. Choosing a self-storage unit with climate-control can help protect the furniture from damage and extend its lifespan, especially if you plan to store items for a long period.

Our goal at Storage Post is to make storage as easy as possible by providing customers with convenient locations, knowledgeable staff, plenty of storage options and a wide range of amenities to ensure a convenient and secure experience. Find furniture storage near you, today!

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Smaller units might be suitable for storing a few items such as a table and a few chairs. If you need more storage, consider a larger unit that can hold an entire home's worth of storage.