About the Area

About The Area

West Hempstead is a town that loves to play sports. The Hempstead Golf Club is very popular and so is the West Hempstead Chiefs Soccer Club, which has girls and boys teams at both the intramural level and the LIJSL Travel division level.


About self-storage near West Hempstead

No one wants to have to drive miles out of their way to pick up or pack up items like your holiday decorations or winter coats. West Hempstead residents know that when they need to store their personal belongings in a safe location near where they live, that Storage Post is the only choice.


Security at West Hempstead Storage Post

Security is the top priority of every StoragePost location. On-site personnel, units and lockers made out of reinforced steel, 24-hour video surveillance, and personal access codes put you at ease and protect your belongings. But we don’t stop there! We make sure your storage area and its contents are safe from heat, cold, and moisture by providing climate controlled units. At Storage Post you can rest easy knowing your self storage unit is protected both inside and out.


Why choose West Hempstead Storage Post

Not sure how big of a unit you need? No problem! Our team can help you find the perfectly sized space. Whether you are in the process of moving from one place to another and need to store everything you own for a short period of time or you just moved in with someone and don’t need two couches, we will make sure that everything in your unit is secured against weather and intruders. Plus, our affordable rates and flexible payment plans make us the best self storage option in West Hempstead.



With so much to see and do in the West Hempstead, residents are constantly on the go. That’s why we invite you to stop by our location on your way to Avli or before doing some shopping at Sam’s Caribbean Marketplace. In West Hempstead you have access to great restaurants, shops, and parks. You also have access to great self storage at Storage Post. Stop by and let us show you how easy, safe, and affordable self-storage can be. 

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