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We believe in exceeding your expectations through our commitment to service, safety, and security at all of our storage facilities. Considering storing your valuables with us? Read below to hear about some of our customers' experiences - you can sort to find your community and store. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Friendly staff and helped me out
Yaly Medina
I was helping my brother move his stuff out of storage. Didn't even know the place was there, it's nice kept clean and secure.
bunk bed house
They were very helpful
Ivan Pena
The overall move went pretty well. Staff were very helpful with getting me all set up. My problem however began when I got to my unit. I rented a 10"×10" space, but when I arrived I could immediately tell this was not a 10"×10" space simply because I had just left a 10"×10" space prior to moving here. When I alerted the staff member about it, I was told that he did not know what I could do, because they don't measure the spaces. I continued making my argument, at that point I was told that I had to measure the space and prove that it was not 10"×10". So I did. While I was measuring, another staff member showed up and watched as I measured. It showed that the space is 10"×7" . As I spoke about paying for a 10"×10" space but only getting 10"×7". I was told sarcastically that maybe I should have stayed in the 10"×10" where I was. I did not find that funny at all. Then I was told that this matter would be emailed to the higher ups and someone would get back to me about a reduction in price. I'm still waiting... shortly after posting my review I was contacted by the district manager who was very nice and apologetic concerning my encounter with the staff. She explained that my storage has been reduced because of the dispute in size and assured me that the disrespectful manner in which I was treated, will not be tolerated. I really appreciate the way this situation was dealt with and I am satisfied with the results. Thank you Mylandria...
Joshua Brown
The guy from your office was helpful and informative in getting to my unit.
Alberto Ferrer
I have a lot of things put away and private and good. Prices for 8bye8
Edwin Ruiz
Nice and quiet
Demon walls
Great facility, clean, secure, great customer service
jessica tate
I purchased a unit on a Fri, it was not big enough so on that same Fri I upgraded. The acct had a bal which I was told would be taken care of. I rented a truck moved all of my items from my prior storage just to get to this storage and my access code would not work. Luckily another customer let me use their access code seeing as it was a Sunday and they were closed and no one was answering when I called the number for customer service. However me and my two sons had to unload the truck bring things up to one floor because that's where the access code took us to and then walk up a flight of steps to our actual unit. Please keep in mind that this was an actual truck from U-Haul not a van a truck. That was not a pleasant experience for me and my two teenage children. I really hope that the future would this company is better than my first weekend. I switched to this company because their prices seemed to be better than my previous location. Fingers crossed....I received a call from the district manager,who assured me this was a fluke. I am confident my experience will be better in the future.
Tamara Dessesow
I've had this storage room for 4 years. So far as I know, there haven't been any problems. The rate goes up every year, which might cause me to get a smaller room somewhere else. Lately, there have been construction workers using the loading/unloading dock area. So I have to park a block or two away. Which is annoying but not life threatening.
Dana Goodman
Andre Knoll Sr
So far the price is great. The young man at the front desk is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. I am very pleased so far
M.G. Lopez