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The place should have a 24hr service. It is a good location. And with a proper lock my unit is secure enough. I know a lot of people use the storage facility to park in and the hours are inconvenient.
John Frederick
Good service, cheap and clean.
Ron Byrd
Still I see major construction so it's annoying to work around and park.
Andrea Oakes
SPSS is good for value, run in and out very quick. The elevator is Super larger, you can drive your car through it. A nice and clean space to pack away the extra stuff you have. It works for me, just to many insects for me.
Wayne Givens
Dayna was able to assist with the services I needed and provided solutions to any issues I had. The facility is clean and well lit. This is not accessible 24 hours due to “ security reasons”. Fares may suddenly increase without much of a heads up. Mine were raised before I even had a year of service. It’s okay.
Sandra Mancia
Lack of parking
Mariveth Cruz de Taveras
Great location in the middle of all major highways making an easy access point for your belongings. Some of the evening staff are very unprofessional and very rude.
Pedro Garcia
I have been using Storage Post since about 2014. They open to late 8:am they should open at 6:am and Sundays hours 10:am to 4:pm is not enough time for me to get access my tools
Matthew Hye
Still I see major construction so it's annoying to work around and park.
Andrea Oakes
Your own entryway code.
Jessica Sosa
Really good when I signed up, but a definite degradation on the level of service. Recent weekend visit wasn't unpleasant, but definitely got disinterested, lackadaisical staffer.
Andrew Wilson
Lack of parking
Mariveth Cruz de Taveras