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Prices going up.
David Walters
I have been using Storage Post since about 2014. They open to late 8:am they should open at 6:am and Sundays hours 10:am to 4:pm is not enough time for me to get access my tools
Matthew Hye
It's my fault for NOT having someone supervise it. They broke various things during the move and and the pieces broken are not found. sorry BUT the moving part was not good.
Mikey Tavarez
...had a hard time finding the attendant!! I did make a call before driving for 1 1/2 hrs, that I will be arriving to open the storage space. After multiple phone calls- to the phone on website and while standing at the door by the facility- the attendant "wondered in" finally, unaware, that I was trying to reach him. He was polite and nice, just not available. After he set up my storage in a computer everything else was easy, access was good, gates and garage doors were working, storage space clean, and moving carts available!! I like it.
Anna Ewa Cartier
Not a great deal for a little 5x5 and all the add ons. Nice helpful people and clean but expensive.
Greg Nagin
Clean, functional. Adequate service
H Brown (Tenny)
Good staff
Anatori Shalkie
It is always crowded
Ivan Phillip
They handle customer very will and they are very friendly
Eunice May
Open for 24/7. They promised 2 free months for storage room, but actually it’s not. Be prepared for this
Lia S
Younger staffers and night staff extremely courteous, night staff most helpful.
Solel Soleil
Good service, cheap and clean.
Ron Byrd