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Its getting too expensive
Elizabeth Santiago
Understandable 24hours is a lot to deal with to stay open but to cut down to 8.5 hours..... Pretty drastic and inconvenient. The new limited time now if it's a week day I have to take time off from my 9-5 job I commute to and from to be able to go to my room or get there even earlier on a weekend. SORRY NOT CONSIDERATE OR PRACTICAL FOR WORKING PEOPLE AT ALL! Work with people a little bit a few early days a few late days during the week..... Not jam their weekend up and room be useless for 5 days out of the week.
sam buccheri
Clean, functional. Adequate service
H Brown
Clean facilities, but needs better elevators. Process also seem high.
Dave Garwacke
Not a great deal for a little 5x5 and all the add ons. Nice helpful people and clean but expensive.
Greg Nagin
Good rates
Douglas Duart
The small unit i rented had tooo many mice droppings from the beginning, And it was on the second floor The units should be cleaned much better for a new tenant Definitely disappointed. J. B.
John B
SPSS is good for value, run in and out very quick. The elevator is Super larger, you can drive your car through it. A nice and clean space to pack away the extra stuff you have. It works for me, just to many insects for me.
Wayne Givens
Please don’t get an attitude when you call my phone mumbling where you’re calling from and get an attitude when I can’t understand what you said and asked you to repeat yourself.
M. Tshibemba
They handle customer very will and they are very friendly
Eunice May
Open for 24/7. They promised 2 free months for storage room, but actually it’s not. Be prepared for this
Lia S
It is a good place to keep stuff, a little expensive...
enio segovia