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We believe in exceeding your expectations through our commitment to service, safety, and security at all of our storage facilities. Considering storing your valuables with us? Read below to hear about some of our customers' experiences - you can sort to find your community and store. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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The specialist here, Maria, is so kind and helping. My best wishes for Maria, and sincere thanks for her great help always.
Good Will
Gloria was really helpful and help me to get the right space for me..thank you Gloria
daugherthy perdomo
Just rented great place to store your belonging Gloria was perfect
Erie KyeKyeku
Awesome price, the hours are not good for me, specially Sundays
David Torres
Great staff
Junius Johnson
Fantastic customer service who took their time to make sure all my questions were fully answered.
Derrick Ang
All personnel at both locations were very helpful and made the move as easy as possible.
Michael Hartstein
Convenient 24 hour access, staff is amazing friendly and courteous.
Edward Rodriguez
The gentleman that took care of me made sure that my needs and concerns were takin care of all my questions were answered in a timely matter
Vincent Valentin
Worked with the Manager Carlos, whom was very professional and took the time to fully walk me through everything. The place was clean and the staff were attentive to those whom needed assistance.
Jesse Emerick
Friendly, helpful, and attentive staff! Great value for the cost. Clean and secure facility.
Nadia Elokdah
I had an amazing experience with Storage Post. The have really cheap prices for the larger units, but where they really excel is in customer service. Whereas most storage places have an either/or trade off for service and price, this place wins at both! Special shout out to staff members Julie and Jess :) They made everything work our perfect even when I transferred units a few times and always did it with a smile! Thanks
Charles Merlot