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Don't expect to recover anything of they damage your storage with water leaks, got no compensation whatsoever.
Mohammed Rahman
Not a bad place but locks you out after 8pm - this is a major pain, as there've been numerous times I wanted to stop and grab some stuff around 9 or 10pm and was locked out. Also, no bathrooms available in the building after hours. - at least none i've seen in two years. also plenty of cheaper options in the area.
David F.
It's okay. Need more security. Alot of THIEVES!!!
targetedjustice. com
When arrived at the place had to wait a long long time until someone took care of paperwork, ID card, webcam photo ID, payment... everything... and the movers waiting outside payed by the hour! I wish they just assigned my unit number immediately (which was reserved previously!) and then we could go processing paperwork and everything afterwards. What a waste of time... Otherwise the storage units are new and in very good condition
DioGo RoCha CoeLho
Really good when I signed up, but a definite degradation on the level of service. Recent weekend visit wasn't unpleasant, but definitely got disinterested, lackadaisical staffer.
Andrew Wilson
It was good, except the storage units were not accurately measured (smaller than the size that they were listed at) so we had to look at several units to find one that was big enough, I would suggest getting the actual measurements of each unit. The employees were very friendly and helpful.
Shawn Bullen
Parking area in rear under construction
Eli Cruz
Can't wait to cancel my contract
Omari Knight
not enough hand trucks and some are broken. Need to attend to that
M Banker
What can I say. Its the cheapest in area
H Vazquez
Dayna was able to assist with the services I needed and provided solutions to any issues I had. The facility is clean and well lit. This is not accessible 24 hours due to “ security reasons”. Fares may suddenly increase without much of a heads up. Mine were raised before I even had a year of service. It’s okay.
Sandra Mancia
Their service is good but only one serious concern I have is when they have drilled long screws to reinforce the bottom part of all the storage spaces, this long screw drilling has gone through one of my expensive pro audio accessories box and I'm hoping that it has not damaged my accessories. Overall, storage post management should be more careful when drilling long screws for a thin metal reinforcement. I also feel that they should lower my monthly payment for the next year and half because of this and keep all my access the same, then I will say that it is even.
Abraham Alex