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We believe in exceeding your expectations through our commitment to service, safety, and security at all of our storage facilities. Considering storing your valuables with us? Read below to hear about some of our customers' experiences - you can sort to find your community and store. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Adrienne great host
Hommy Morales
Very good service with attention to detail, very nice clean facility
Martin Falkowitz
Rahim provided me with lots of Patience and Outstanding Customer Service
After spending 2 hrs moving all the items into the storage unit, I noticed that the latch does not lock so I am left with a bar of sorts that was mounted on top of the door. With so many break-ins at the facility, I certainly don't feel like my items are secure in that unit. I put two locks on the latch but it seems that a crow bar can easily remove the latch from the door. I went back to my unit and am pleased to see that the mgr had another latch placed on the outside of the unit. Hopefully, the 2 latches and 2 locks will deter breakins.
D. A. Roberson
What makes this place shine is the people working the office, I recently received excellent service from ANDY. He made transferring to a larger unit very easy. Good experience with this place over a few years. The facility itself is very good. It does seem like the price creeps up year-to-year, but that may be reasonable.
Stephen Heskett
Andy was very kind and helpful. Was pleasantly surprised by the experience.
George Luo
Andy has been very patient and helped me in finding a storage unit that I needed. Have been using storage post for a while and they're doing a good job in maintaining their ficilities.
D 23
when i was asked to give a review i said gladly, this place is amazing staff is amazing and plave is really clean thank you guys for being so professional
Matu Camara
The staff is great. I had a problem with a Unit and needed to be move, Lessen was super helpful and make the process easier for me.
Julissa Matos
Great job explaining
Darryl Creech
Very nice staff and clean place wow thank you
Eve Lokko
I am updating my previous post in which I encountered a customer service issue over the weekend. However, Mylandria, the regional manager, called this morning with a resolution that accommodates my access needs. So thank you for taking the initiative and reaching out. It was appreciated and the slate is clean.